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Crafting in the Library

Recently, a group of adults met in the library and started cutting up books—really taking them apart. They tore, ripped and dismembered the books. Actions that would make any librarian or booklover cry; however, something magical happened. These destroyed books were born again… they had become art!

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Did You Know? Fall 2019


The Freeman/Lozier Library is always changing to keep up with the latest trends and services to offer you our best.  Our More Than Books newsletter has a “Did You Know” section that keeps you informed about the changes that have taken place in the library.  Here is the latest news from that newsletter:

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How to Behave Badly in Elizabethan England Book Review


This book was chosen on the basis of the title alone. It is packed full of “fun facts” and “did you knows.” Have you ever wondered where language starts, why we say the things we do, where it all comes from, and how the meaning of the words have changed over the years? For example, in today’s world when you call someone a louse you are in essence calling them an obnoxious person; but, during the Elizabethan Era, you are literally saying that they are covered in lice.

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Vietnam War: DVD Review

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s 10 episode, 18 hour documentary, The Vietnam War, takes viewers through a time in history that not only shaped millions of people’s lives but  also shaped a culture.    The documentary takes viewers through the history of colonial Vietnam, the rise of Ho Chi Minh, and France’s doomed war, leading viewers into the beginning and ending of the American conflict.  The Vietnam War, is considered one of Burns’s saddest projects as it offers no uplifting message or happy ending.  It simply documents decades of bad decisions following bad decisions all culminating in a time of waste that took millions of lives for nothing.  It points out that the war was started with good intentions by good people but because of misunderstanding, overconfidence and Cold War mistakes, it turned into a tragedy. Continue reading

Beneath the Surface: Book Review

Beneath the SurfaceJohn Hargrove’s book, “Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish,” tells the story of his life and career at SeaWorld. Beginning with his first visit to SeaWorld when he was six-years-old, his obsessions with wanting to work with Orcas started.  This book travels through his almost 14 years as a senior Orca trainer, working in all three SeaWorld locations in the United States, as well as  one in Spain and France.  Continue reading