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All About Apps

All About Apps


We all enjoy apps that help us in our everyday life.

We found a handful that you might be interested in adding to your collection.

Be sure to check these out!

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National Color Therapy Month

Color Therapy Month

When people think of March, they think of St. Patrick’s Day and Spring.  We also think of color because we have just made it through the winter months and spring is on its way.  That is why in 2011, Eleyne-Mari founded March as National Color Therapy Month during the month of March.  Her motto is, “Change your Colors…and you change your World!”  Continue reading

Get Organized Now!

get-organized-monthJanuary is here and that means we get a chance to start the year with a clean slate.  We make resolutions or promises to have a better year.  Well what about a more organized year?  January, by the way, is “Get Organized Month.”  Did you know that research shows that people waste as much as an hour a day, on average, looking for things they’ve misplaced?  That boils down to as much as 15 days every year because of disorganization. Continue reading

Holiday Books to Enjoy!


December is the time for snow,
hot chocolate, blankets,
and snuggling up with your favorite holiday books.
I found some wonderful books for this season that you
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I Love to Write Day

love-to-write-dayI Love to Write Day was created in 2002 by Delaware-based author, John Riddle. Riddle has been writing for the past thirty years and has written a total of 34 books so far. When asked why he decided to create a day dedicated to the love he and many other people have for writing, he said, “My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing. They can write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel…the possibilities are endless.” Continue reading

Microforms: A Thing From the Past

microforms-4Microform has been in existence since 1839, but it was not used commercially until the 1920’s.  The first everyday use of commercial microfilm was developed by a New York City banker, George McCarthy.  He was given a patent in 1925 for his Checkograph machine, which created permanent film copies of all bank records. In 1928, Eastman Kodak bought McCarthy’s invention and began to market it under Kodak’s Recordak Division. Continue reading

Apps for School Success

Apps for CollegeIt’s September and that means it’s time to think about leaves falling, crisp air, and yes, back to school.  When I was in college a long time ago, things were way different.  You had to use pen and paper to keep track of your classes and assignments.  Today we have ipads and iphones.  With that technology comes wonderful aides to help make your college life much easier.  Continue reading