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How to Survive the Summer

One hot summer day I was contemplating why is it that some people love the winter and some love summer?  And when you think about it, many people love summer a lot more than those who hate it.  “They bask in the bright sun, revel in the heat, and don’t especially mind the sand-in-the-bathing-suit/ sunscreen-in-your-eye sensations of July and August; the moment Memorial Day weekend rolls into sight, it’s constant watermelon, sailboats, and beach barbeques.” Continue reading

June is Professional Wellness Month

June is the time to celebrate health and wellness.  It is a time for employers to showcase how they help create healthier, happier employees. It serves as a reminder of how organizations that invest in the well-being of their employees benefit from a more productive, engaged workforce and a captivating company culture that drives recruitment and retention.

Eating well, exercising, and focusing on our overall health makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us more productive at work – and research has confirmed this for years. When employees live healthier lives, they increase their worth in the marketplace, add value to the company, and become more productive workers.

Research was conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University, and included a study of 19,803 people who worked at one of three large companies (Reported by the HuffPost in 2012):

  • “Eating unhealthily is linked with a 66 percent increased risk of loss of productivity”
  • “Rare exercise is linked with a 50 percent increased risk of low productivity”
  • “The researchers found that people between ages 30 and 39 were the most likely to experience a loss in productivity”

Here are some tips to get the most out of Professional Wellness Month:

1) Take time to exercise.  Even walking around the block every day during work helps!

2) Take time for yourself during the week, it will strengthen your performance at work.  Enhance your knowledge by taking a class or special workshop.

3) Take time to reconnect with former colleagues and friends who have knowledge and experience to share.

4) Take a “mini-sabbatical” away from technology to clear and refresh your mind.

5) Add to your vacation time or plan a longer time for a Reboot Break to enable new thinking approaches, and refresh your body, mind, spirit, and perspective.

If you need some help, the library has the following resources:

Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide   Call Number Credo E-Books Online Online Access Click here for electronic version:



Factors Affecting Worker Well-being: The Impact of Change in the Labor Market   Call Number Proquest eBook Central  Online Access Click to View



Work and Wellbeing  Call Number Proquest eBook Central  Online Access Click to View




Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom, and Wonder   Call Number  HF5386 .H9125 2014




The Role of Emotion and Emotion Regulation in Job Stress and Well Being  Call Number Proquest eBook Central  Online Access  Click to View




Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements  Call Number HN25 .R38 2010




National Etiquette Week


May I please have your attention?

How are you today?

These are just some common courtesy or etiquette questions to kick off National Etiquette Week.

It starts Monday, the 14th of May, and goes until the 18th.  Continue reading

Money, Money, Money!

April has been recognized as Financial Literacy Month since 2003.  In 2000, The National Endowment for Financial Education introduced Youth Financial Literacy Day and turned it over to the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy so that the event would not promote any one organization and instead focus on financial literacy as a whole. The Jump$tart Coalition and its approximately 150 partners expanded the event to a month.

In 2003, the United States Senate designated April as Financial Literacy for Youth Month. In March 2004 the Senate passed Resolution 316 that officially recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month.

Continue reading

March is National Crochet Month!

Explore your creative side and learn how to master the ancient (and simple) craft of crochet. From lacey doilies, to amigurumi, to more practical items such as hats and scarves, crochet has been around since the 1800s. This fun and relaxing hobby is simple to learn on your own, or from an experienced loved one. Continue reading

Plant Seeds of Greatness

February is Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month, a campaign designed to encourage everyone to take steps to “remove barriers and make a change in your life for the better.”  Reflect on how you can make a difference for yourself, your family, your business, or your community. Then acquire the tools and skills you need to act on your ideas and dreams.   Continue reading

No More Bound Journals

In the summer of 2015, the library began one of our first of three major weeding or removal projects, which was the microform collection. In the midst of that, we were getting ready for our next big weeding project, the bound journals. Bound journals are issues of a periodical or magazine that are held together and covered with a particular type of material. Journals are easier to store when the issues are bound but they take up a lot of room. Now that many journals are stored electronically in databases, we decided that there were better things that we could use the bound journal space for. Continue reading

Get Inspired!

National Motivation & Inspiration Day© was passed by The United States Congress on 12/18/2001 after the tragic events of 9-11-01. H. Res 308 is the resolution that was passed declaring January 2nd National Motivation & Inspiration Day©.

In having the day passed, Kevin L. McCrudden became the ONLY motivational and leadership speaker to ever have such a day passed by Congress, acknowledging the importance of “motivation” and “inspiration” in our daily lives. In addition, a resolution was passed by New York State and Suffolk County, NY also acknowledging January 2nd as Motivation & Inspiration Day, and January is officially “Motivation & Inspiration Month” in New York State.  Continue reading