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How to Find Company and Industry Information LibGuide

The How to Find Company and Industry Information LibGuide should be the first place you visit on the Bellevue University Library website if you are looking for industry news or information on companies and their executives. This LibGuide offers tutorials on using the databases Business Source Complete, D&B Hoover’s Business Browser, Nexis Uni, Gale Business Insights Global, and Small Business Reference Center, and makes it easy to determine which databases will be best suited for the type of information you are looking for. Continue reading

A Brief History and Overview of Common Keyboard Layouts

Whatever you type on, whether a computer, smart phone, or even typewriter, chances are very slim that you’re using anything other than a QWERTY keyboard layout. Named after the first six letters that appear on the top letter row and invented by Christopher Latham Sholes, this keyboard layout has been around in a recognizable form since 1873, and had been iterated on for years prior. It was originally designed with the intent that it would prevent the mechanical printing arms of typewriters from clashing against one another or jamming, a design process that took years of trial-and-error to perfect. Continue reading

Getting to Know… Margie McCandless, Reference Support Specialist

Hi Margie! First question; why do you work in a library? I think I have just always felt at home in libraries. My first real job as a senior in high school was as a page in the children’s department at the newly opened Swanson Branch. It had only been open three weeks when I started and I worked my way through college there. So it just seemed natural to choose library science as a minor and area of certification for my education degree–the only type of library degree offered in Nebraska at the time. I was a school librarian in two schools in Houston, but mainly was a faithful weekly volunteer for many years at all my children’s grade schools and a sometimes substitute librarian. Continue reading

McDonald’s in our Archives!

Recently library staff discovered that we hold in our archives a video interview featuring McDonald’s co-founder Richard (Dick) McDonald, whom video footage of is rare. This interview existed in two copies, both VHS tapes dating from 1992, and was the work of student Tom Dolly and Dr. Judd Patton. In addition to the interview, the video includes background information on the history of McDonald’s, as well as a segment where Dick McDonald is informed that he will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Bellevue College.

Continue reading

Getting to Know… Joel Hartung, Assistant Directory, Library Systems

Hi Joel–going to have to start at the same place we have for nearly everyone else thus far: why do you work in a library? I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather work than in a library. I love libraries. Growing up, I spent so much time every summer in the public library, voraciously devouring books (figuratively, not literally). I used to read so much in grade school that I would get in trouble for reading in class. My teacher would actually take books away from me. Imagine that. I worked part-time in a library all through college, never realizing it would eventually become my career. I’m very happy I had that opportunity. Continue reading

Salem Press Online

A miniature, digital reference section of sorts, Salem Press Online is a collection of mostly full-text electronic versions of popular Salem Press print books. It is best thought of as a collection of subject-specialized digital encyclopedias, and thus makes for an excellent starting point of research for many topics. Continue reading

Getting to Know… Robin Bernstein, Senior Director, Library Services

Hi Robin. I’ve opened most of this series with the same question: why do you work in a library? The question should be “why wouldn’t everyone want to work in a library?” I can’t imagine doing anything else. It kind of just fell into my lap… I had every intention of becoming an accountant; however, once I started working here part-time I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. Continue reading

Getting to Know… Pam Fanelli, Technical Services Librarian

Hi Pam. Let’s start with the same question that we’ve started everyone else on: why do you work in a library? Though I never enjoyed school, I’ve always loved reading and learning, so I’ve been a fan of libraries for as long as I can remember. I’ve also always been happiest working in organizations where some sort of social good is the primary mission, rather than profit, and libraries typically fall into the former category. Continue reading

Getting to Know… Allie O’Connor, Document Delivery Specialist

Hi Allie. Tell me about why you work in a library? I enjoy helping people locate literature they enjoy, and because I enjoy being in contact with books, movies, and audio books.

Did you spend a lot of time in libraries before you worked in them? Before I was paid to work in them, I spent most of my free time after second grade in our public library, browsing and regularly checking out biographies and authors who wrote books in a series, like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Helen Fuller Orton, and Helen Dore Boylston. Continue reading