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Students Engage in Book Club

Eleanor  Park Table SignOn August 23 Bellevue University Library hosted its first student book club.  Two students attended in person, and five students joined the online book club through the site, Goodreads. Even though there was a lot of planning and organizing in the past eight months, both students truly enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to future book clubs.  Continue reading to find out how our first book club evolved. Continue reading

Kanopy Database


Are you searching for new video material for a course? Perhaps you are looking for a documentary, a TV series, or a foreign language film? The Bellevue University Library has you covered with Kanopy!

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Visual Data: How to Create an Infographic

Infogr.amWouldn’t you like to use an easy tool for quick infographics? On February 5th, I gave a presentation to our library on, a tool for creating infographics. If you have never heard of or even infographics, I have some great information to share with you. was founded in 2012 by newsroom people, Uldis Leiterts and Raimonds Kaze. They wanted to empower journalists with an easy infographic tool. This award winning company, headquartered in Latvia, touts that “ is the fastest growing data visualization community on the planet!” Continue reading

October Display Case

This month’s library display case is featuring Bellevue University’s Disability Services area.  This is only fitting as October has recently been proclaimed by President Barack Obama as National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month, meaning that employers need to continue to recruit those talented and skilled individuals with disabilities to promote the right to equal employment opportunity for everyone.  With this being said, take a closer look at what our Disability Services department has to offer to the Bellevue University community.   Feel free to visit the library to see the display case in person or view more photos on the Library’s Pinterest board titled, “Library Displays.”   Also, visit the Disability Services website to read about more information and services that they have to offer.


April Display Case

April Resized

Now that April is here, it is time to check out the Library’s latest display case.  This month, the Bellevue University International Club has created a display featuring Africa called, African Connection.  Do you know what a “vuvuzela” or a “chipendani” is?  Well, you will have to either visit the Library or the Library’s Display Case Board on Pinterest to find out!

Chipendani Resized

Also, featured in the display is National Library Week, which occurs April 14 – 20, 2013.  Please be sure to stop by the Library that week to get a READ Poster made, shop at the book sale, enter yourself into a drawing to win an Amazon gift card or a USB drive, and much much more!  You also have a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD, by submitting your ideas on why communities matter at the Bellevue University Library to:  We hope to see you soon!

NLW Banner

Interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest, it’s one of the biggest social media crazes since Facebook.  And, lucky for the Bellevue University Library community, the Library is on board (see our page now)!  In fact, the Library launched its ant campaign to follow us beginning last July.  And, after 9 months of liking, pinning and re-pinning activity, we now have over 300 followers!  Now, just in case you are not following the Bellevue University Library yet, or perhaps you do not even know what Pinterest really is, let me explain.  Pinterest is a visual bulletin board to organize things that you like on the web.  Basically, you find and “pin” items (categories include but not limited to:  fashion, recipes, crafts, art, photography, technology, education, etc.,) online and organize these images into various boards that you create in your profile.


Recently, I had the opportunity to present on the topic of content management on Pinterest at the Nebraska Library Association’s Paraprofessional Section Spring Meeting.  Since our Library has been actively updating our page to keep it fresh and exciting, I wanted to share some of our tips and ideas with other libraries.  Therefore, please feel free to take a look at my PowerPoint presentation, Stuck with Pins!  Hope you find it Pinteresting!

Copyright Center Feature – Linking to the Library’s Resources

     Are you a faculty member who is trying to add course material from the Library’s databases onto Blackboard?  Or, perhaps you are a staff member trying to send an article to another employee.  Whichever the case, the latest Copyright Center feature is sure to give you answers on how to link to the Library’s resources through a new LibGuide – without violating copyright!  Click here to read the newest feature titled, “Linking to the Library’s Resources.”