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DPLA: Digital Public Library of America

Chris - Digital Public Library of America (DPLAThe Digital Public Library of America has almost six million items from libraries, archives, and museums and it continues to grow.  The items are not physically contained in one place, but have been made accessible via the internet to individuals all over the world. Continue reading

Physical Education Reference Websites

Want statistical sports information at your fingertips? Check out the following reference websites on the Bellevue University Library website!

The first one is,  a combination of sites providing sports statistics and resources.  Their aim is to be the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most complete source for sports statistics anywhere. Choose between baseball, basketball, pro-football, college football, college basketball, or hockey.  You can find information on players, teams, leagues, coaches and much more.  Did you know that baseball player Paul Waner played his final game on April 16, 1945 at the age of 42? Click on his bio and read all about him.

Olympics at has over 150,000 pages of data for every year, athlete, sport, and every country.  Click on an athlete, choose the first two letters of the surname of the athlete and find out that Olympic diver Greg Louganis’s full name is Gregory Efthimios and he won a total of 5 medals, 4 gold and one silver. Click on his birth date January 29 and find 351 other athletes that have the same birth date. The name of the athlete, country, and sport are listed. Click on their name and find information about them.

Also check out Statistics in Sports, which is dedicated to making statistics accessible to individuals interested in sports. The Sports Data Resources section contains links to websites categorized by sport.  On the right hand side of the webpage Sports Data Resources leads you to links to many sports other than football, baseball, and basketball. You can find sites on cycling, fencing, golf, horse racing, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Want a career in sports statistics? Click on Careers in Sports Statistics on the right hand side and find information on sport-oriented jobs, such as analyst for data collection service, independent statistical consultant, team statistician and world-tour statistician.

Lastly, SPORTQuest is a searchable directory of all manner of sport-related websites, including statistics, coaching and training, sports medicine, sport science and physical education. It can also be browsed by topic or by sport.

History Reference Websites

Need help in locating historical information?  The links to History Reference Websites on the Bellevue University Library website are divided into the following categories: American History, People, and World History.  I am going to introduce three of these websites.

The first one I want to introduce is Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.  This Library of Congress project contains over one million pages from newspapers published between 1860 and 1922. Twenty five states, including Nebraska and the District of Columbia, are currently represented.  All 50 states will eventually be represented. There is a section of “Recommended Topics” that can help a student focus quickly on a number of research areas.  Recommended Topics are listed alphabetically, by date range and by subject.  There are ten groupings of topics by subject: American Enterprise, Industrialization and Development; Arts and Culture; Crimes and Trials of the Century; Natural Wonders, Disasters and the Environment; Politics, Government and World Leaders; Public Spirit, Exhibitions, and Celebrations; Science, Technology, and Innovation; Sports and American Pastimes; Struggle for Human Rights and Freedoms; and World at War.

A couple of topics listed under the American Enterprise, Industrialization and Development subject heading are Golden Spike and the Wright Brothers.  Click on each topic and you will find important dates, suggested search strategies, and links to some sample articles which contain a list of articles to click on and read. You can also subscribe to a weekly notification service that will let you know when new newspapers or topics are added.

Another interesting website is Biographical Dictionary of Iowa.  This project of the University of Iowa contains over 400 biographies of prominent Iowans. It can be browsed by name, by date from the 1600’s through present, by topic, and even by contributor.   It includes subject’s name, birth and death dates, place of birth, education, and career and contributions. As an example: John J. Tokheim of Thor, Iowa, received his first patent for the “Visible Measuring Pump” (for gasoline and kerosene) in 1900 and devised a system of underground storage tanks.  His story on the website goes on to tell of his many more patents, how he built a successful business, lost it (including the rights to his own name) and built another business.  Tokheim was also the inventor of what we know today as the gas gauge in our cars.

The last site I’ll talk about is Historyworld, which contains over 300 narrative histories and over 10,000 events on searchable timelines. You can make your own timeline by using single-subject timelines whose focus is areas such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America; or themes such as arts, performing arts, literature, empires, rulers and politicians, wars and revolutions, wars since 1900, and biographies. You can also read about the history of a particular topic such as Aegean civilization.


Have your math skills gotten a little rusty?  Have you forgotten how to find the area of a cube or how to do an algebra equation?  The Reference Websites page on the Bellevue University Library’s website has several links to online resources on math to help you.

SOS Mathematics  is a free resource for math review material from high school algebra through college-level differential equations. Sample problems are given as well as the solution to problems.

Virtual Math Lab‘s website has over 130 online math tutorials from Texas A&M University which are freely available to all, covering mainly algebra but also preparation for the math portions of tests such as the GRE.

MathWorld  is an extensive mathematical resource from Wolfram Research that is updated daily and checked for quality and accuracy. It provides many interactive resources including thousands of downloadable Mathematica notebooks.  It also serves as a clearinghouse for new mathematical discoveries that are routinely contributed by researchers.  For example, on the website under applied mathematics click on “Business” then “Accounting” and you can find information on the Rule of 72, how to calculate interest,  and how to calculate principal.

Government Documents

The government document reference websites are divided into two sections: Federal sources and Nebraska sources. Let’s explore a couple of the Nebraska resources you may not be aware of: the Nebraska Legislature and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Data and Research.

First, Nebraska Legislature is the official site of the Nebraska Unicameral. This site provides Nebraska bills, laws, reports, and other documents, as well as information about committees, senators (including contact information), and the legislative calendar.

Need to locate information on a bill or resolution? Click on the Nebraska Legislature link on the left side of the home page and mouse over Bills and Laws and select either “Search Bills” or “Search Laws”.

Search Bills allows you to search for bills and resolutions either by number and the legislative session or all legislative sessions, search by date of introduction, or search the senator or committee that introduced the bill. As a last resort you can search by keyword if you are unsure of the bill or resolution number or wish to find all legislation that covers a specific topic.

Search Laws allows you to search by keyword and limit to revised statutes only, constitution only, UCC only, or revised statutes appendix. Another choice is to search by statute range. On this page you can browse the laws: Nebraska revised statutes, Nebraska Revised Statutes Appendix, Nebraska State Constitution, or the Nebraska Uniform Code.

The second website to check out is the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Data and Research. This is the equivalent of the Statistical Abstract for Nebraska. Lots of statistical information can be found here: state statistics, U.S. Census, Nebraska Profiles and Demographics.

Looking for a paid internship in Nebraska? Check out Information provided includes: location, shift, wage (not always included), description, start date, number of positions, and a link to apply for this job. You can subscribe to InternNE. InternNE is located under “Talent & Innovation Initiative” on the website.

Looking to start a business in Nebraska? Click on “Start a Business” and get information on business plans, resources, business counselling & training, directories, laws, regulations, employment registrations & job training grants, and much more.

Communication Arts Reference Websites

Have you explored the reference websites on communication arts on the Bellevue Library website?  Ten websites are listed. I am going to introduce three of the websites in hopes that you will use them in the future or maybe it can help with a current project.

Kurylo’s Communication Links is a one stop access to relevant communication sites, supported by the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS).  One of the interesting things that can be found on the website is an evolution or history of communication timeline. This can be found in Specialization Area Resources, under Nonverbal Communications. Need to find an inventor? You can select from a list such as Maratha Coston who invented a pyrotechnic signaling system, George Eastman who invented dry, transparent and flexible photographs, and Robert N. Noyce, one of the pioneers of semiconductor development.

Speeches and Speechmakers is compiled by the University of Iowa and provides links to many famous speeches and speakers. Among the famous people listed are presidents Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon.  Need to find a particular presidential address?  Not only are the inaugural addresses included, but State of the Union speeches are as well.  The Online Speech Bank provides an index to a wide variety of speeches on a wide variety of topics. Some speeches include audio or video in addition to the transcript. You can also find the top 100 speeches. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech “I Have A Dream” happens to be number one and John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s inaugural address is number two.  Do you know what the 100th speech is?

American Rhetoric is a searchable database that combines The Online Speech Bank and The Top 100 Speeches.  It contains 5000 items, which include full text, audio and video (streaming) versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews and other recorded media events.  Looking for a speech from a movie?  Here are few that you can find: John Nash; 1994 Nobel Prize Acceptance Address from the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, Gale Sayers; George S. Halas Award for Courage address from the movie “Brian’s Song”, and Senator Smith Takes Oath of Office from “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.

Reference Websites

Looking for a good website? Try looking on the library’s homepage on the left hand side under Library for Reference Websites. The Library staff maintains this reference directory as a service to Bellevue University students, as well as online visitors.  Listing in this Directory is performed voluntarily and without Bellevue University endorsement of the listed Internet Links.

The websites are grouped into the following categories: art, Bellevue University publications, biology, business-advertising/marketing, business-career, business-copyright/intellectual property, business –general and miscellaneous, business-small business, chemistry, citation/writing, communications, computer graphic design, computer science, criminal justice, culture, economics, education, English as a second language, environmental science, geography, health management, history, international, law, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physical education, political science, psychology, reference, sociology, and women’ studies. Click on the category and you will get a list of websites. Each website listed has a question mark next to it. Click on the question mark for a brief description of the website. For example: under the Business-General and Miscellaneous category you will find “American Business Leaders of the Twentieth Century”.   Click on the question mark and you will find that the website is “A Harvard Business School site that provides information about 20th century business leaders by name, company, industry, or era.”

Looking for help in writing a business plan?  Click on Bplans under Business-Small Business.  You will find free sample business plans and marketing plans, as well as several marketing calculators. It also has “how to” articles on business plans.

Under criminal justice you will find the following websites: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2010, National Archive of Criminal Justice Data Archive, National Center for Juvenile Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.