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Oyster Mushrooms

Ever hear of oyster mushrooms? They almost look too cute to eat.  Oyster mushroom caps can vary from dark grey, green, pink or yellow depending on the seasons and species. You can find them at farmer markets. I found these at the Saturday Omaha Farmers Market. They can sometimes be found in supermarkets.  Size ranges from 1 to 6 inches in width. They have a soft and slightly chewy taste. Some say they taste similar to Morel mushrooms and that they can develop a slight aroma of anise.

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DPLA: Digital Public Library of America

Chris - Digital Public Library of America (DPLAThe Digital Public Library of America has almost six million items from libraries, archives, and museums and it continues to grow.  The items are not physically contained in one place, but have been made accessible via the internet to individuals all over the world. Continue reading

Physical Education Reference Websites

Want statistical sports information at your fingertips? Check out the following reference websites on the Bellevue University Library website!

The first one is,  a combination of sites providing sports statistics and resources.  Their aim is to be the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most complete source for sports statistics anywhere. Choose between baseball, basketball, pro-football, college football, college basketball, or hockey.  You can find information on players, teams, leagues, coaches and much more.  Did you know that baseball player Paul Waner played his final game on April 16, 1945 at the age of 42? Click on his bio and read all about him.

Olympics at has over 150,000 pages of data for every year, athlete, sport, and every country.  Click on an athlete, choose the first two letters of the surname of the athlete and find out that Olympic diver Greg Louganis’s full name is Gregory Efthimios and he won a total of 5 medals, 4 gold and one silver. Click on his birth date January 29 and find 351 other athletes that have the same birth date. The name of the athlete, country, and sport are listed. Click on their name and find information about them.

Also check out Statistics in Sports, which is dedicated to making statistics accessible to individuals interested in sports. The Sports Data Resources section contains links to websites categorized by sport.  On the right hand side of the webpage Sports Data Resources leads you to links to many sports other than football, baseball, and basketball. You can find sites on cycling, fencing, golf, horse racing, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Want a career in sports statistics? Click on Careers in Sports Statistics on the right hand side and find information on sport-oriented jobs, such as analyst for data collection service, independent statistical consultant, team statistician and world-tour statistician.

Lastly, SPORTQuest is a searchable directory of all manner of sport-related websites, including statistics, coaching and training, sports medicine, sport science and physical education. It can also be browsed by topic or by sport.