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More than Leprechauns Can be Seen

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We all know about leprechauns, the little tricksters that you have to catch in order to get their treasure of three wishes. A lot of mythology goes into the traditions that people have come to know for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. The topic of traditions on St. Patrick’s Day is already being covered by another blogger so this blog is to explore other creatures from Irish mythology. Continue reading

How Non-verbal Language Works past week we celebrated Valentine’s Day as well as International Flirting week. Here at the library, we even had a fun activity making Valentine’s! Now, Love can be complicated, especially during international Flirting Week. With the help of some tips on non-verbal language, perhaps this week can be made easier. The way we celebrate the love of someone has to start somewhere. With all things, every relationship has a beginning and that usually is non-verbal language. Continue reading

Exercise that Brain! International Brain Teaser Month.

brain teaser monthThis month is International Brain Teaser Month. I chose it because I enjoy riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers of any kind.

Brain teasers are just another way to exercise the mind. It helps our brains focus and remember things. Like any other muscle, we have to keep working at our mental strength. These games also help our brain find new ways to focus or hone our already existing skills. Continue reading

The Winter Solstice

winter-solstice-pictureThere are many things to celebrate this December month, but one of my favorites is the Winter Solstice. It comes with many rituals and beliefs behind it just as the Summer Solstice does. It is a time of honoring the earth and the time we have. Continue reading

No Tricks Here, Only Treats

halloween-goodiesOctober is in full swing and it’s the month to enjoy Halloween treats. Everyone knows the basic food groups in this month – candy, pumpkin flavored, soda, and caramel apples. Or at least what it is for the parties you may be throwing.

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Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

tolkien-weekAre you a fan of Lord of the Rings? How about The Hobbit? Maybe even The Silmarillion has caught your eye a time or two. As a Tolkien fan, it’s hard to know when to spend a whole week celebrating the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Well, you’re in luck as Tolkien Week is here! It started on Sunday the 18th, but don’t fret, it goes through Saturday the 24th! There is even a Hobbit Day which happens to be tomorrow. What a perfect day to celebrate Hobbit Day with the 22nd which is the birthday of Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins.

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Vesuvius Day

Vesuvius DayThere are always major holidays that are annually celebrated. There are also various holidays such as Left-hander’s Day or Comic Book Day that came about for one reason or another. Those peculiar holidays came about due to the vast interests that exist in the world today.

Vesuvius day is one of these holidays that rests on the more obscure side. While it may be considered a holiday, this is not a day of joyous activity. Instead, it is a day of remembrance in order to reflect upon the cities and the terror that befell them.

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