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Your Tea-Riffic Guide to National Hot Tea Month

The New Year comes with Resolutions for 2018, goals to better ourselves or find new determination in healthy diets. Unfortunately with the current temperatures still freezing us inside and out, it’s hard to keep warm and healthy. Trying to change an entire routine can be frustrating and often overbearing when we are still recovering from the holidays as well as colds and stubborn weather. Life catches up and soon one realizes resolutions have imploded and all energy has waned. Taking it little by little can help reduce stress – such as making small changes each month, creating habits that are easier to stick to. There’s a happy solution – Tea. It has many flavors and can be brewed in various ways that can be used not only to warm up your body and wake up your mind, but to help stave off those nasty winter cold woes. So, to January, there’s no better way to celebrate a cold beginning to 2018 than by having National Hot Tea Month!

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It’s the season for baking and celebrations! December is well underway, bringing the New Year closer with each breath we take. Or each cookie we bake. To celebrate the lovely time of year where we can smell fresh baked cookies – December 18th is your day! National Bake Cookies day is a real holiday folks, one full of beautiful gooey cookies to eat.

With the holidays taking up most of our time it’s hard to know what to make. Sure, there’s your classic sugar cookies, but why not take this special day to whip up something new? It’ll tantalize your taste buds and maybe help keep you from feeling winter blues. Continue reading

It’s Not Easy Being Green: America Recycles Day November 15th is America Recycles day! It takes place every year in the middle of November to highlight ways to recycle. It is much like earth day with a focus on how to reduce our carbon footprint.

Pinterest has so many ideas for what can be reduced, reused, and recycled. Also known as up-cycling, you can take many used products (like empty jam jars) and reuse them for other things. Being here on campus, it’s comforting to know that I can grab a bottle from the vending machine and will be able to dispose of it in a recycling bin. This is one of the ways that you can utilize the resources offered on campus. We also have fountains to refill your water bottles and recycling bins for paper when you no longer need old notebooks or papers. Continue reading

Let’s Get Ready to be Organized!

JournalIt’s hard to not feel the impending nerves that come with the holidays, after all – it is October. Halloween will happen soon enough and we’ll soon be hearing Christmas songs in stores. Planning for school as well as everyday life can be stressful. Luckily, there are many helpful tips out there on how to take out a bit of the guess work for Get Organized Week. Continue reading

View Lovely Dessert Lasagna Recipes and Cheer! 29th celebrates Lasagna! It’s a whole day of heating up the house and enjoying this delicious dish. Now, July is a hot month to be even thinking about preparing such a meal. The oven heats up the house for over two hours and if you’re making it by hand, it takes forever to make. That classic recipe of Lasagna is best kept for winter months, when you need a warm meal while you’re buried beneath thousands of blankets. For the summer, let’s try and focus on some delicious dessert lasagna’s. It keeps the spirit of the holiday while fulfilling a potluck or two. Continue reading