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Image result for brown lunch bagEating takeout every lunch can be expensive but it’s so difficult trying to remember to pack a lunch at times. Ideas only come after you’re already at work and halfway to lunch time. Fear not, in celebration of Brown Bag it Day, we’ve compiled a list of recipes that you can take to work. You can even use some of these for school lunches. Tasty, wonderful ideas that you can customize to hit just that right spot and you save a bit of money, too. How cool is that? No more needing to fret if the last slice of pizza or the last tuna sandwich has been eaten. Continue reading

National Decorating Month

Image result for decoratingWith spring often comes the desire to do spring cleaning. This can also come with the desire to update your wardrobe, your garden, or decorations around your house. However, life always gets in the way and whether it’s due to time or money, re-decorating isn’t easy. Especially when there are so many ways to go about decorating. It can depend on whether or not you want a wreath or a sign on your door. It can vary depending on if you’re in a house, an apartment, or a mobile home. While it’s not necessary to decorate, it can be fun, and can bring you joy seeing the updated look of your home. Continue reading

National Nutrition Month!

Image result for march is national nutrition month 2019

It’s hard enough keeping up with the daily requirements of work and home life, let alone getting the proper nutrition your body needs. Especially when fad diets exist and you can’t tell what’s actually going to work or not. That’s why National Nutrition Month exists – to give you a good way to think consciously about what you’re eating and what physical activity you engage in. It’s meant to bring attention to healthier choices on food that help you get the right nutrients. Continue reading

Welcome 2019, Welcome A Balanced and Organized Life!

We all know life is busy and the New Year is that time people create goals and resolutions to carry into the next year. Luckily, January has several holidays to help with that – Get a Balanced Life month and Get Organized month! While these holidays help us get in gear for the new year right at the beginning of January, resolutions can occur all year long. Continue reading

Enjoy These Recipes for National Chicken Month

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts-Now with tips for a baked version! this honey garlic chicken is our most popular recipe for good reason.

Those cold winter nights, finals week, and the holidays coming up make it hard to want anything but comfort food. Well, you’re in luck, December has just the perfect day to enjoy all the comfort food you want. Comfort Food Day is December 5th and what better comfort food than some recipes with warm and filling chicken? These recipes are sure to bring some comfort to you and anyone else who needs comfort from a home cooked dish or two.

Continue reading

A-peach-iate August with these Peach Recipes

This month we’re celebrating Peaches! Every day of August you can enjoy a sweet peach as a snack or in a meal. The sweet taste of peaches infused in meat and desserts is sure to be the talk of the dinner table. You’d be surprised what savory dishes peaches can create for your dinner table or those barbecues and picnics that still continue during the warm August weather. Continue reading