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Celebrate July with National Grilling Month!

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Summer time usually means hanging out for barbecues, swimming by the pool, and overall enjoying time together. This summer looks a little different due to the pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy grilling some amazing meals! You can grill just about anything from meat to fruit to desserts. You can even make a special seasoning or homemade barbecue sauce to add that perfect touch of spices to your meal. Continue reading

The Candy Month Can!

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June is Candy Month and what better way to celebrate than learning or expanding upon ones craft of candy making? Candy making is easy and really fun to do but where to start? Recipes galore exist on candy recipes and it’s always hard to narrow it down. Not to mention allergies, other health issues, and personal preferences always impact decision making. However, I’ll let you in on a secret – the best part is you can make recipes to suit your own needs. Find copycat recipes for your favorite recipes, that’s the best place to start. That’s how I found all of these handy and easy recipes. Having keto options for fan favorites like chocolate orange truffles or the ability to have peanut free nougat bars is amazing.

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We’re Off to See the Wonderful Wizard of Escape Rooms

The term ‘escape room’ is not new, nor is it an idea that has lost its shine. Escape rooms are an ongoing trend that acts as bonding time, as well, as a fun way to exercise your mind. Friends gather at a business, with a reserved timeslot and theme, and proceed to be locked in a room for an hour. The objective is, as you guessed it, to escape. Now, a worry often is what will happen if you do not succeed. In truth – you will just lose the game but you will still have fun doing so. While participants are not allowed to leave during the duration of the game, you are not left alone. Escape rooms also have clues that are built into programs. This is accomplished through additional props in the room or clues given to participants over an intercom. Escape rooms have one objective and the way the objective is achieved can be done in varying ways. There are so many themes to choose from: mystery, zombies, spy thriller, treasure hunt, carnival, etc.

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Fun Facts Found Spring 2020


It’s not hard to find interesting or useful facts when you crack open a book in the library.  Let’s see what fun facts Brandi found when she browsed through the reference related materials.



Antilock braking was not created for cars and existed as early as 1908. This was developed for trains originally, followed by the aerospace industry. It finally became part of cars in the 1970s and eventually motorcycles in the 1990s.   FROM: All-Time Top 10 Auto Inventions. Inventor’s Digest, 35(5), p.24.

Despite single-use plastic bottles only being created in the ‘90s, they are utilized so much. Single-use bottles are being used at a rate of 1,500 per second in the United States alone. In addition to recycling, working to create low-environmental-impact resolutions production wise may help.   FROM: Stop Obsessing About Recycling. Sierra, Jul/Aug2019, p.1.

Alexander Graham Bell created an invention called the Audiometer. This invention was due to his involvement teaching the deaf which he felt was the most important way he could contribute to society. The purpose of it was to help detect unsuspected hearing impairments as well as residual hearing.   FROM: Historic Journey. Volta Voices, 24(4) p.36-38.

The bowstring side of a bow is also called the belly side of the bow. The rest of the bow can be made from a stave, which is an unspliced piece of wood at full length. This allows you to create it to your measurements for a perfect shot.  FROM: Make a Stone Age Stick Bow. Whitetail Journal, 28(1), p.16-20.

George Washington’spresident’s house” is the way it is due to a design contest. This building was burned by British troops in 1814 and only restored to its original form because of James Madison who defended the structure.   FROM: Bell Tones. American History, 53(4), p.8.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 23 No. 2, Spring 2020.

Plagarism and Copyright Webpages

Late in 2018, we decided it was time to revamp the plagiarism and copyright webpages. The decision was made to bring more awareness to the plagiarism resources provided on the Library website. Brandi Bengtson, the Electronic Services Specialist – Web, created what is called a landing page, a single webpage that is created on the ‘back end’ of our website through WordPress and the use of html in order to help the page you see be as clear and concise as it is able to be. The Bellevue University Library website has many landing pages such as “Find,” “Home,” and “Ask a Librarian.”

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National Honey Month

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Honey can go with so many things. It’s probably why someone decided September was a great month to be dubbed ‘National Honey Month’. Honey bee colonies often make a surplus of honey, up to 4 gallons each year. This means that beekeepers can remove the excess safely (keeping 4 gallons or more for the hive) and keep it for uses like sweetener, in medical practices, or in recipes. This can help keep the bees from wanting to search for a bigger home or blocking combs meant for new bees. Continue reading

National S’mores Day

Image result for national s'mores dayAugust 10th is National S’mores day! Campfires are fun and good and it doesn’t take much to make s’mores when you have a roaring fire. What happens, though, if you don’t have a fire? Or it’s raining? Or you just have this undying craving for s’mores in the winter? Never fear, there are so many ways to prep your s’mores. Chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallows can be combined in various ways to include brownies, cake, and even cookies. Continue reading

Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal Review


Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal (MLTJ), covers various topics in medicine. Articles on MRI scans, therapy, and reconstructions are part of this journal. It is designed to allow those studying sports medicine to gather a better understanding of the functions of the muscles. It is peer reviewed with articles that provide researchers with a more in-depth analysis of these topics. There are other interesting topics such as: instrumental musicians and posture issues, analysis of fatigue resistance for rotator muscles for ball players, and in vitro studies.

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