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A Day in Life

During New Student Orientation in September of 2005, I heard a voice with a thick Ghanaian accent asking a question. I turned and saw a face that was familiar to me. As the orientation was in progress, I was trying to figure out who that person was. Lo and behold he walked to me after the orientation and asked if I remembered him. It took me a moment and I said Ghana.

He smiled and said yes. We exchanged email addresses. I had met him after high school in Ghana. We became very good friends, but we lost contact when he migrated to Ghana to be with his family and I went to Germany. After two and a half years of no contact, destiny made it possible for us to meet again at Bellevue University.

We became very close, from emails to phone calls to dates. Things happened faster than I ever imagined. We ended up getting married. After eight years in Nebraska, I have a bachelor’s degree, and I am three semesters away from my graduate degree. I have two children and a husband, and I am working for Bellevue University as a part-time test administrator. And it all started on that fall day during New Student Orientation in September of 2005.