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Have You Checked Out Our Other Social Media Recently?

Looking for a fun way to keep in touch with all of the latest the BU Library has to offer? Check out our awesome social media offerings!

Besides all of the great articles posted on the Blog, we’ve also got Pinterest, Facebook, and a recently added Instagram account as well. We’ve got photos, infographics, surveys, articles, events, and more!

If you enjoy browsing and collecting images and connecting to videos and information on everything from health, tech, seasons, places, history, genealogy, and all things library and book-related then check out our Pinterest page. If short text updates with a picture or video relating to them are more your thing, keep in the loop with updates on current events, famous happenings, and all the latest events and updates at the library at our Facebook. Think a picture’s worth a thousand words? Check out our new Instagram account to see pictures of Bellevue’s library, its staff, patrons, and materials both past and present.