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Graphic Design LibGuide

If you are looking for a resource to help liven up your designs, check out the Bellevue University Library’s Graphic Design LibGuide! This guide is chock-full of books, articles, videos, and entire websites full of tips, ideas, and how-tos on design. Whether you are looking for information to improve your typography or graphics creation, for help with using graphics software, coding websites, or just general design and creativity, the Graphics Design LibGuide is a fantastic one-stop resource for all of your digital designing needs!


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“Wicked Omaha” F674.O557 R64 2017 Book Review

“Wicked Omaha” is a small book packed full of larger-than-life stories of the dark and wild history of Nebraska’s largest town. It starts out in the town’s relative infancy in the 1870s, during the time it first outgrew Council Bluffs across the Missouri River, and started to get a real reputation as a haven of thievery and vice. Borrowing heavily from old newspaper articles of the time, the book gives brief, individual stories of the happenings of the day, from corrupt officials, loose women, roaming drunks, crooked card games, and fleeced travelers.

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Game Studies LibGuide

game-studiesA fun way to learn, build skills, and interact with others is through games. Games can also serve as a great way to broaden your horizons as a career, or, even just a hobby. That is why the Bellevue University Library’s LibGuide on Game Studies is such a fantastic resource! Continue reading

“Oz the Great and Powerful,” a review by Allison

Oz the Great and Powerful Although prequels are not an uncommon occurrence, prequels produced 70+ years after the original movie are a very unique, and risky, undertaking. But that is exactly the challenge Disney’s new movie, “Oz the Great and Powerful,” set itself to tackle. Set before the events of the MGM classic “The Wizard of Oz,” this film chronicles how carnival magician and shyster Oscar Diggs became the great wizard and savior of the Land of Oz, and learned how to become not just a great man, but even a good one. Continue reading

A Kindness Audit: How Does Our Library Rank?

Allison - Kindness AuditWhat is a “Kindness Audit?” According to a blog post from “Mr. Library Dude,” it is an examination of your library to see how kind or welcoming it is for your patrons. As I considered performing a kindness audit for our library, I considered some questions. Is the signage positive? Is the service desk welcoming? Can patrons find their way easily? What obstacles do they encounter? I developed a list of positives and negatives in the hopes that the positives would outweigh the negatives and that the negatives would only provide opportunities for growth and change. Continue reading