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Does Anyone Know this is Mystery Series Week?

Did you know that October 1 – 7 has been designated as Mystery Series Week?  I certainly didn’t! One source that I read said that one of the small American independent publishers, Purple Moon Press, decided to proclaim the first full week in October to honor fictional crime solvers who consistently close the case.

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Voice of Melody, Book Review PS3616.O945 V65 2018

This novel highlights the lives of three generations of residents of the New England island of  Nantucket during the heyday of the whaling industry in the mid-19th Century. The male islanders make their living as merchants, farmers, teachers, lighthouse keepers, and crews of the various whaling vessels. Continue reading

Aging in America LibGuide

More and more of us have parents or grandparents who are more than 85 years old. Their generation has unique challenges, and the Aging in America LibGuide is one source to use to gain a perspective on how to help your extended family when decisions need to be made. The LibGuide gives you format choices as to how to obtain the information. Continue reading


Few annual events are as eagerly anticipated in Iowa as the influx of bicycle enthusiasts from all over the world who journey to that state to test their prowess and participate in RAGBRAI. For the uninitiated, RAGBRAI is an acronym for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, so named because it was first proposed in 1973 by two columnists for the Des Moines Register, John Karras and Donald Kaul.

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Library on the Go – Highlights of 2017

Library on the Go is an initiative that was begun in the summer of 2014, to see if transporting library material to Bellevue University employees who work in the Administrative Services Building and Educational Services Building would increase the Library’s circulation. One Friday each month except December, a team of three, four, or five library staff members selects two or three topics and gathers and transports library formats on those topics to the upper lobby of the ESB. This blog will summarize the eleven Library on the Go events of 2017. Continue reading

Take the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

In case I am not the last person in the Bellevue University community to hear about Book Riot, it is the first topic of this blog. A brief introduction is at this link: If you don’t click on unfamiliar links as a rule, here is something that may change your mind. Three of the nine beliefs that Book Riot lists in this link are:

We always  prefer the book to the movie.

We miss our subway stop cause the book is that good.

We believe in family (bookshelves and cats count).

       Do I have your attention yet? Read on for more…

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Celebrate the Sesquicentennial with Nebraska 150 Books

NE 150 Books 2One way to celebrate the Nebraska Sesquicentennial during this banner year of 2017 is to add some titles from the Nebraska 150 Books initiative to your personal reading program. Nebraska 150 Books has been evolving for more than two years. In 2015, a book selection committee of teachers and librarians devised a list of literature that spans the time Nebraska has been a state, and is aimed at encouraging readers to learn more about our state and its authors.  Continue reading