Explore Nebraska during Great Outdoors Month!

It is mid-June, temperatures are rising, and summer is fully in swing. June also happens to be Great Outdoors Month, and is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and experience nature! While extensive traveling may not be possible due to COVID-19, there are many locations across Nebraska (some even in our own backyard) where you can experience the splendor of the Great Outdoors!

Chadron, NE: In the Northwest corner of Nebraska, near the borders of South Dakota and Wyoming, you can find the Nebraska National Forest, Ogalala National Grassland, and Chadron State Park. This beautiful, wild terrain is perfect for hiking, viewing wildlife, and unique geographic formations.  It’s about an 8-hour drive from Omaha, but well worth it for the diverse scenery.

Sandhills: Covering nearly ¼ of the entire state, the Sandhills unique terrain spreads across north-central Nebraska. While it is too late in the year to view the annual Sandhill Crane migration, there are plenty of other great outdoor activities to do in the Sandhills, such as taking a river tank trip!

Ashland, NE: Located directly between Omaha and Lincoln is the Platte River Valley, home to Mahoney State Park and Platte River State Park. A great day trip location for hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and camping with full amenities. The nearby Wildlife Safari Park and Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum offer plenty of activities to keep a family occupied.

Bellevue, NE: Just three miles up the road from Bellevue University is Fontenelle Forest. This slice of the great outdoors has boardwalk trails, a raptor rescue, and even an adventure park. Hike the miles of trails, kayak in the wetlands, or just find a nice place to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature right outside the city.

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