World Password Day

Security researcher, Mark Burnett, first encouraged people to have a “password day,” where they update important passwords in his 2005 book Perfect Passwords.  Inspired by his idea, Intel Security took the initiative to declare the first Thursday in May World Password Day in May 2013.  Password Day is meant to create awareness of the need for good password security. 

Passwords are critical to our digital identities allowing us to access social media, online shopping, banking, computers, email, phones, and more.  So, it is important to keep these accounts secure with strong passwords.  Some sites have adopted the two or multi-factor-authentication process where you have to supply more than one answer or password to get access into an account.  But we still need to be smart about our passwords.

Do a self-check and see if you are using weak or strong passwords.  You may find that you need to change some passwords today or very soon.

Weak passwords

  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • the word “password”
  • your name or family member’s names
  • pet’s name(s)
  • birthday
  • home address
  • hobby
  • any information on your social media profile

Strong passwords

  • use unique passwords for each account
  • use 12-16 or more characters
  • use numbers, special characters, and both upper and lower case letters
  • avoid any words related to yourself or the service the password is protecting
  • get an online password manager if you trust them, otherwise store them securely somewhere else

The Bellevue University Freeman/Lozier library has a few online books to help you improve your passwords:

Perfect Passwords  by Mark Burnett   Proquest eBook Central

Two-Factor Authentication by Mark Stanislav  Books24/7  E-Books Online

Creating Better Passwords by Making Up Stories  Films on Demand  


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