Preserving the Past

Have you ever heard the saying “the world is your oyster” and wondered what it meant?   It originated with Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives of Windsor,” but in modern times has taken on a new meaning.  The quote is more widely used in a motivational or inspirational context; meaning that you can achieve anything you want in life and/or go anywhere because you have the ability and opportunity to do so.  So…what better time to get out and enjoy seeing and visiting new places?  Everywhere you go, there is more to discover…

The month of May happens to be “National Preservation Month” or “Historic Preservation Month” and is dedicated to celebrating the nation’s heritage, the stories behind them, and the opportunity to preserve and share these treasures with the world.  Since the “world is your oyster,” why not spend some time exploring places worth preserving?

You can start by getting excited about the history around us.  Discover these stories in photos, attics, garages, backyards, museums, historic buildings, archives, etc.  It is important to have an awareness of your origins, know your roots, and have a sense of identity in the present in order to foresee a direction for the future.  Researching your community and learning the history of your community is a great start.  Observing a single old building, understanding the occupancy of that building, and discovering its transformation over the years, will assist you with appreciating how and why it was preserved.

Recording these memories and sagas provide a rich and dynamic history of the people who lived and worked there, what hardships they may have faced, and the adversity they may have overcome.  Here at the Bellevue University Library, we are committed to preserving the University’s past so that future generations will understand and be proud to be part of such an esteemed institution.  There are many agencies and organizations dedicated to preserving the past.  To learn more about preserving the past and/or how you can help, check out these resources:

Bellevue University Archives

Bellevue University eCatalog

History Nebraska

Main Street America

National Preservation Month Pinterest Page

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions

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