National Train Day on May 9, 2020

Trains—those powerful machines that have inspired so much of history and have done amazing things for economies and industries all over the world. Known also as the “iron horse,” trains cross thousands of miles across the countryside and all over the world, transporting goods and passengers to far-flung places and later returning them back to their original location. 

National Train Day began in 2008 and was a way to spread information to the public on the history of the railway system.  It also was established as a day to remember employees who work for rail services. National Train Day falls on the second Saturday of May each year.

The best way to celebrate National Train Day is to go out and take a ride on a train just for fun.  It does not matter where it is going, riding a train can be a fantastic and relaxing experience.  Some towns have steam trains that are part of their history and are still in operation.  Dinner trains are always a nice experience too.  Perhaps for your next vacation, rather than taking a car or plane, take a train for a relaxing ride across the country.  National Train Day is a great chance to see the world and experience these amazing vehicles. 

The Bellevue University Library has some wonderful resources relating to trains.  A few are listed below:

EuroStar (video, 2:32)
The Girl on the Train (video, 18:08)
The Great Train Robbery (video, 22:19)
A Train Arrives at the Station (video, 14:44)
West By Orphan Train (video, 59:21)

Source: Train Day

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