Garden Meditation Day

May 3 is Garden Meditation Day. It is a day of merging the benefits of gardening and meditation. Gardening is good for the mind, body and soul. Meditation gives us inner peace and tranquility.

While we are gardening we can choose to let the rest of the world go by. That is also what meditation is about. Let go of your thoughts and focus on one thing, gardening.  Pick one task to do: pulling weeds, planting seedlings, turning soil, or spreading mulch. Go out with the idea of spending X amount of time on that task. It could be just 20 minutes or less. Be realistic in how much time you can devote to the task. Leave your cell phone in the house. At the end of your work, take satisfaction in what you have accomplished. Take a deep breath before you return to the real world.

If you don’t have a garden to meditate in you can always go to an arboretum, botanical garden or a park.

If you would like to create your own meditation garden here are three websites that I found that are quite helpful. You can make it very simple or very elaborate.

Meditation Garden: Ideas to Create Your Backyard Escape

5 Ways to Create Your Own Meditation Garden

 How To Create a Meditations Garden


If you would like to create your own meditation garden here are some tips:

  • Design to meet your personal needs. It is your sanctuary where you can momentarily depart from the rest of the world and reduce your emotional stress. Whatever you may like.
  • Where to place – determine what time of day you will be using the space, and factor in the movement of the sun.
  • What type of seating – comfort level should be a priority, whether a simple concrete bench or a comfy Adirondack chair.
  • Add greenery – to create an isolated hideaway in the center of nature. Plant selection may be dictated by the amount of sun you have in your backyard.
  • Engage your senses – the most important one is sound – too noisy and you won’t be able to relax.
  • Statues and sculptures – great for contemplation!
  • Keep it simple – pieces that make sense and flow for you. Don’t create an area that is a nightmare of maintenance, unless you like maintenance. Even a random grouping of weeds can provide a focal point.





  • Water feature – the sound of running water can be very relaxing and will help to mask unwanted sounds such as traffic.




  • Stones, pebbles and sand can add natural textures to complement those of the greenery. 
  • Pavers & pathways – a pathway adds visual interest that will draw you and others into your space.

The thing to remember is that it should not create stress. Enjoy the process and know it will be constantly changing; adding, moving, subtracting the elements in this space.


Garden Meditation Day

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Create a Meditation Garden

Pictures taken from:

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village                                   Fontenelle Forest

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