How Prepared Are You?

April 30, 2014, was the first “America’s PrepareAthon! Day.”  It originated with President Barack Obama’s National Preparedness initiative to increase awareness about natural disasters and how to be safe and prepared.  Since a crisis can happen at any time, now is great time to have an emergency plan.  As we have seen with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, being prepared is on everyone’s minds.  So what does it mean to be prepared and what can you do?

The first thing to start with is a basic supply kit.  In addition, you can sign up for local alerts and emergency warnings, pre-program emergency numbers into your phone, safeguard critical documents, document property for insurance purposes, and keep spare accessible cash for essentials such as medicine, shelter, clothing, etc.

There is a lot of information available to help you such as the FEMA Preparedness Portal.  For information to help you prepare for individual crises, check out these sites:

Start preparing today by practicing your preparedness with your family so you will know what to do when there is an actual emergency.  You can also check out these resources to assist you with your planning:

Bellevue University eCatalog

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness


America’s PrepareAthon Facebook Page

National PrepareAthon Day Pinterest Page


Remember preparedness pays off!!!  Stay informed!  Stay safe!  Stay healthy!

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