Antiques Journal Review


The Magazine Antiques offers articles concerning such varied antiques as furniture, art, quilts, and stately houses. The illustrations can be quite lavish, and aficionados of antiques and period architecture are in for a treat just glancing through the pages.

The Magazine Antiques has a number of standard features. “Critical Thinking” is usually one of the first in each issue and gives a viewpoint that can be debatable. One recent topic was the trouble with tariffs.

“Current and Coming” goes into detail (usually including illustrations) about shows available or coming soon to museums and galleries.

On Books” lets the reader know recommended items that are available for collectors; an example is a 2018 book on the statues found in New York’s Central Park.

Toward the end of each issue there is an “Events” feature that lists current fairs, shows, and openings listed by the state where each will be held, including dates.

Either just before or just after that is a “Calendar” page that begins each notice with the relevant dates that the show, opening, or fair will be held.

“End Notes” is on one of the last pages, and can be a tribute to an individual, a seasonal subject (13-star flags in the May-June issue), or a short feature on a specific stately home or location.

This journal is published in New York City by Brant Publications. It is currently offered bimonthly, so there are six issues per volume and one volume a year. The Bellevue University Library owns issues from 2002 to the present. To access this online journal, click on the A-Z Journal List line on the Library webpage and enter the title in the box next to the gold “Search” button.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 23 No. 2, Spring 2020.

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