Hot Topics: Climate Change LibGuide

There is a new kind of LibGuide in town, a series called “Hot Topics.” The LibGuides in this series focus on the topics that everyone is talking about and usually disagreeing about. The first in the series is available now. Climate change is a topic that raises questions about what causes it, how much effect human activity has on it, or whether it is an entirely natural part of the life cycle of the Earth.  Some people even deny it exists at all. The Hot Topics: Climate Change LibGuide provides an abundance of resources of all types that address these issues.

You will notice an entirely different look to this LibGuide as it uses several new LibGuide features. It still includes the usual recommendations of library books, ebooks, journal articles, and streaming videos, even websites, but this LibGuide includes many visuals as well. In addition, use of tabbed boxes and slide shows allows more material to be presented in a cleaner more compact way.

Taking a look at the “Climate Change LibGuide,” here is what you will find. The Home page uses side navigation rather than tabs across the top to move to other pages in the LibGuide. It features two large graphics that sum up climate change in a nutshell: Ten Signs of a Warming World and a Timeline of Climate Change. Using a tabbed box for these graphics makes both graphics available in the space of one.

The next page provides an overview of climate change, linking to entries from several library reference sources. Below this, a slide show of images illustrates climate change around the world. Click on any image on this page or any other page, and you will link to the source which usually provides other options, such a larger view, more information, or even interactive features.

The next three pages have more traditional content, featuring various library resources, including books, eBooks, journal articles, and streaming videos. However, the books and eBooks are condensed into one page by use of a tabbed box. A third tab provides official Library of Congress subject headings that can be used to find more books and eBooks in eCatalog or Discovery Search. The Journal Articles page is a little different too. Instead of just a list of relevant articles, other tabs on that box suggest journals that are relevant to climate change topics, and databases that would be especially likely to have more articles on the topic.  The Streaming Videos page also condenses videos from the library databases and from online sources into one space.  You might notice that not as many of the library videos are embedded as this have become problematic for certain databases, but a simple click on the title will connect you to the video. All the recommended YouTube videos are embedded.

The Websites page is much the same as on other guides, but links to online reports on a separate tab. Images from NOAA, dealing with average temperatures, appear in the side panel. Again clicking on the images links to the source where there is a large amount of data, maps, and other information from NOAA. Finally, the Citation page is provided, as it is on all LibGuides, to help students cite the information they find on this LibGuide and elsewhere.

Watch for more LibGuides in this series as the year goes on. Soon to be released is Hot Topics: Immigration; topics of forthcoming LibGuides are Gender and Abortion. To access this LibGuide or any other LibGuide, mouse over Find on the library homepage, then click on Subject, Course, and Research Guides: LibGuides. For assistance with the LibGuides, contact the Reference Desk at  402-557-7313, or, or use the 24/7 chat service.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 23 No. 1, Winter 2019.

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