LEAN (Mean) Library Machine

Is your curiousity peaked? Are you intrigued? Do you want to learn more? Then you have come to the right place. The library recently subscribed to LEAN Library, a SAGE Publishing Company product, and installed all three components.  LEAN Library is a powerful browser plug-in that points users to the Bellevue University Library resources from anywhere their internet search takes them.


The three components work simultaneously and they are:

1)  User finds a resource licensed to Bellevue University.
2)  Browser extension alerts user to login in with Bellevue University credentials.
3)  What do you know…instant access!

  • Library Assist – provides messages that will lead you to the resources within the Bellevue University Library collection with the click of your mouse. So how does it work?

1) Library staff creates messages.
2) User lands on a website prompting message to pop up.
3) User benefits by gaining access to resource.

  • Library Alternatives – breaks down the barriers you might hit and lead you to the free resources available through the Bellevue University Library.

1) User wants an article that is not in the library.
2) Browser extension identifies an alternate means to the full-text.
3) Pop up link appears.

We have embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign that began with a blog in “Facts From the Stacks,” written by our Assistant Director and Systems Librarian, Joel Hartung, followed by a rotating banner on the library’s home web page, a digital sign within the library, a presentation/demonstration to faculty, and an alert on the library web page where there is a direct link to the extension.  There is more we intend to do throughout the school year as getting this product to as many people as possible is a goal we intend to follow through with. Watch for it…

Ready to get started? Wondering where to start?  Well, it is very simple.  You start by downloading the browser extension which is different for each type of browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.); therefore, if you use multiple browsers, you will need to download multiple times.  You can find this information at http://leanlibrary.com/download.  Once you have downloaded the extension, you will need to choose Bellevue University from the menu.  After that there is nothing more to do…just start browsing and let LEAN Library do the rest!!!

We are pleased with the support and participation from Bellevue University students and faculty.  Since implementation, 111 people have downloaded the extension and are benefiting from the service.  We have received positive feedback with comments such as: “I was unaware of any fees and from what I read about using the new library extension I will not need to request any more articles,” and “I have downloaded Lean and just wanted to say THANK YOU! This has made my life so much easier.  Just this morning I needed to locate a resource – and I had no idea if it was an ebook, an article, a book chapter, etc.  I googled the title and was able to use lean to access the book chapter (in an ebook that we have access to).  It was really slick.  Thank you!!”

So what are you waiting for???  Get started today!!!

If you need assistance,  contact the library at library@bellevue.edu or 402-557-7313, as we are here to help you succeed in your academic career and future endeavors.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 23 No. 1, Winter 2019.

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