All About Apps Fall 2019

We all enjoy apps that help us in our everyday life.

We found a handful that you might be interested in adding to your collection.

Be sure to check these out!



ASL App: Start learning to sign today with the ASL (American Sign Language) app. This easy, accessible, and fun tool, teaches conversational sign language with 1500+ signs and phrases specifically designed for learning the basics of American Sign Language. Videos with different signers teach users the alphabet, useful words, phrases and gestures. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Grow It!: Share your garden and connect with others through the GrowIt! App. Share photos of your plants and ask the community for help identifying them. The GrowIt! Community is a valuable resource if you have just moved to a new area, or if you have that pest eating your tomatoes. See what the people around you are planting to get some inspiration. If you find a plant you like, tap on the information tab to find out how to grow it. The information tab tells you how big the plant can get, how often to water and feed it, and when it will bloom. GrowIt! teaches you how to properly prepare your soil for anything you plant, grow larger vegetables, and shows what you should or should not plant based on your location. Available from the App Store and Google Play.

Stockpile: Stockpile offers a unique approach to buying and selling stocks. Users can buy fractional shares or accounts can be funded with a stock gift card starting at $5. There are no monthly fees and all trades are $.99. Users can choose from over 1,000 investment options. This app is especially exciting for parents looking to get kids interested in investing. Additionally, users can give e-gift cards, physical gift cards or bank transfers to fund an account. This is literally a gift that pays dividends and keeps on giving. Available through the App Store and Google Play.

Nike Run Club: Anyone hoping to improve their running ability will find a lot of guidance here. This app features audio guided runs, customized coaching plans and a GPS. Along with community motivation, the Nike Run Club app is a great way to turn running into an effective and enjoyable form of fitness. This app is available on the App Store for iOS devices. It is also available for Android.

SideChef: With a focus on classy meal ideas, SideChef aims to help newbies with meal preparations. Over 2,500 recipes are available with step-by-step instructions. Integrated timers and voice guidance means users can enjoy a hands-free experience while learning how to cook up some impressive dishes. Social features make it simple to share your experiences with others too. This app is available to users with Android devices 5.0 and up. Also available for Apple.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 22 No. 4, Fall 2019.

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