Lean Library Browser Extension Now Available

Lean Library is a new browser extension that helps you access our library resources through a simple Google search. It is currently available for most major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Before it can be used, the browser extension needs to be downloaded and installed from the Lean Library website. Unfortunately, Lean Library is not available for mobile devices at this time.

After installation you will be greeted by this quick introductory video and tutorial. Select “Bellevue University” from the drop down menu, and then you will be on  your way to enhanced library access.

Other features of Lean Library:

  • Automatically configures Google Scholar with Bellevue University full-text links
  • If we do not have access, it suggests alternative ways to obtain the article, including open-access alternatives and Interlibrary Loan
  • Stay logged in. No need to re-authenticate multiple times per research session

Download Lean Library today and try it out today!

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