Entertainment at the Bellevue University Library

“Don’t mess with tradition” is an adage that could be used to describe the two celebrations that are hosted by the Bellevue University Library for faculty and staff each year.  The first celebration is in April of every year during National Library Week. On the Wednesday of National Library Week, the Library has an Open House. This is an opportunity for all faculty and staff from campus to step away from their desks and come to the Library.  There is sure to be a booksale, food drive, READ posters, live music, and light refreshments.  The “Friend of the Library” award winner is also announced at the National Library Week Open House.  This is an opportunity for a staff or faculty member from another department to be recognized for being a friend through their volunteer efforts or through using the Library’s resources and services.

To celebrate the holidays, the second celebration is the Library’s Annual Holiday Party.  For The Holiday Party, we also have a book sale, food drive, live music and a raffle, but the difference is that Library Staff provide the refreshments. Both events are well-known around campus and each event draws a crowd.

This year, Bellevue Leader Staff Writer, Cheyenne Alexis, attended the Library’s Open House in April and was so impressed with the live musical group, The Sounds of Knowledge, that she decided to interview the group for an upcoming article.  The article described the group’s beginnings and its history.   A link to the article is available here.  

The Bellevue University Library also has events throughout the year for students.  Some of the events include movie nights, crafts, ice cream socials, guest speakers, and game nights, just to name a few.  There is always something for everyone at the Bellevue University Library. Whether you are a student, or an employee, we hope that you will take the time to come in and attend one of our many events very soon. To see upcoming events, go to library.bellevue.edu and scroll down to the “Events” calendar located on the right hand side of the page. If registration is required, simply click on the event and fill out the registration form.

Thank you for supporting the Bellevue University Library!

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