Whooooo Loves Owls?

This blogger loves owls!!!  Many people love owls.  What is the fascination with owls?  Could it be that in ancient Greek mythology, the owl is associated with wisdom and good fortune?  After all, the phrase “Wise Old Owl” may have come from the “little owl,” the messenger of Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom.  Could it be the eyes?  Their eyes are unlike any other bird species, usually the first thing you see on an owl is their eyes, and they have superior night vision.  Even F. Scott Fitzgerald created a character in The Great Gatsby only known as “Owl Eyes,” who encounters Gatsby in his library during a party.  Coincidental that a character named Owl Eyes is in a library where wisdom is usually associated?  This blogger thinks not…  Owls have been used throughout literature and portrayed as wise; but ironically they are not very good problem solvers.  So while they are probably not any smarter than a lot of other birds, they are still portrayed as such. 

Here are some literary works where owls play a significant role:

Winnie the Pooh

The Sword in the Stone

The Silver Chair

Harry Potter

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

For any owl lover, the International Festival of Owls is the event for you.  Held the first week in March in Houston, Minnesota, population of approximately 1000 people, is the only annual, full-weekend, all-owl festival in North America.  This festival has everything you can imagine, from live owls to owl-themed food, merchandise and prizes.  There are contests, presentations, keynote speakers, and much, much more.  This non-profit event is designed to bring awareness and a personal connection to owls through the environment we share with them.

For something a little closer to the home campus, the Fontenelle Forest has a Raptor Woodland Refuge that cares for more than 600 birds of prey each year.  Some cannot be released back into the wild; therefore, the animals are used for educational purposes.

If you are interested in learning more about owls, check out these resources:

Bellevue University e-Catalog

Audubon Who’s Who

International Owl Center

International Festival of Owls Pinterest Page

Festival of Owls Facebook Page

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