New Arrivals Spring 2019

We have received the following titles in the last quarter.


Check them out!

List compiled by Margie McCandless.

The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing BF698.8.M94 E56 2018

The Sixties: Freedom, Change and Revolution CB425.H38 2018 

The Family Tree Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry and Researching Genealogy CS16.B47 2018

Before & After Alexander: The Legend and Legacy of Alexander the Great
DF234.B555 2018

Becoming E909.O24 A3 2018

Branded: Branding in Sport Business GV716.B75 2018

Coach Wooden’s Forgotten Teams: Stories and Lessons from John Wooden’s Summer Basketball Camps GV884.W66 A3 2018

Foxcatcher: The True Story of My Brother’s Murder, John Du Pont’s Madness, and The Quest for Olympic Gold GV1196.S39 A3 2014

What Would the Great Economists Do?: How Twelve Brilliant Minds Would Solve Today’s Biggest Problems HB75.Y85 2018

The Future of Work: Robots, Ai, and Automation HD4855.W47 2018

Write Smart, Write Happy PN145.S75 2018

Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together Q335.M35 2018

Weird Math: A Teenage Genius & His Teacher Reveal the Strange Connections between Math & Everyday Life QA93.D285 2018

Do Colors Exist?: And Other Profound Physics Questions QC24.5.C68 2018

No One at the Wheel: Driverless Cars and the Road of the Future TL152.8.S35 2018


Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History TL539.F549 2018

The CG Story: Computer Generated Animation and Special Effects TR897.5.F56 2013

Stand Together or Starve Alone: Unity and Chaos in The U.S. Food Movement TX360.U6 W56 2018

Drones: What Everyone Needs to Know UG1242.D7 K73 2016


Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 22 No. 2, Spring 2019.

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