Live a Creative Life


National Live Creative Day is observed annually on September 14.  Let the world see your creativity on National Live Creative Day!


To Live Creative allows for the exploration of imagination.  Celebrate National Live Creative Day by taking the time to invent, discover and dream. Bringing creativity in our lives through a variety of media from painting and graphic art to music and gardening will have an impact on our lives. By expressing our desires and living creative lives, we experience the world.

Stepping into the “Live Creative” world includes a boundless sense of freedom. Rules tend to fall away when the imagination is released. Authors and artists have long postponed reality in support of their work, to the satisfaction of their imagination. They live creative.

We don’t have to be a master sculptor to live creative. Blending a dash of creative into moments of our everyday life can have a powerful effect. Simply being exposed to the arts inspires ideas at home and in the workplace.  Renewing a hobby reduces stress just by being purely enjoyable.  Teaching someone else the craft nurtures personal expression and offers an opportunity to see the world through another person’s eyes.

To help you start living your life creatively, here are some resources from the Freeman/Lozier Library.


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  BF408 .G464 2015



Cross-train Your Brain: A Mental Fitness Program for Maximizing Creativity and Achieving Success  E-Book BF408.E395 1999  Online Access  BELLEVUE: Access limited to Bellevue University patrons – click here to view

The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry: A Complete Guide to Essential Techniques
TT212 .G65 2010



The Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and Inspiration in Creative Writing in Five Minutes a Day  E-Book PE1413.G47 2009  Online Access  BELLEVUE: Access limited to Bellevue University patrons – click here to view


Adult Coloring Pages, Book Art, Boredom Buster Boards, Edible Books, Library Gardens, More Than Just Books, and Rock Painting


Cooking, Music, and Gardening




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