Banned Books Week 2018

Banned Books Week is upon us! Come celebrate the week with us from September 23 – 29th.  The theme of this year is ‘Speak Out – Banning Books Silences Stories’.

There are many reasons books have been banned or challenged Banning Books Silences Stories Banned Books Week Speak Out 2018in the past, varying from religious views to sexual content. The purpose of this week is to highlight those books that have been challenged, why they’ve been challenged and how to fight the bans by reading the materials. This can help us understand the past a bit better through the written word and helps us learn from it. Banned Books Week was created in 1982 by a library activist named Judith Krug who aimed to bring the banning of books to the attention of the public at large. Libraries all around America host their own events and put books on display, Bellevue University Library is no different. Libraries since 1982 have worked towards combating the silencing of the First Amendment done through Censorship.

Our library is decorated for the eventful week, come and stop by to see the decorations that we have in our Display case as well as around the library itself. We have caught various librarians reading banned books and we have their mugshots here in the library. There have also been wanted posters spotted with the authors that have created these books!

We have popular titles such as A Wrinkle in Time, Watership Down, or Siddartha. The library has book logs and other great decorations on display. All throughout Banned Books week – September 23rd through the 29th of the library is holding a contest: Guess the Censor Erasers!

While you’re in checking out the displays or banned books, come and guess how many erasers are in the jar and you could win a banned book of your own. There’s plenty to see at the library and by joining the celebration, we can fight the censorship of books!

Fight the man, save the empire!


Information about Judity Krug was found on:

Image taken from: courtesy of ALA Banned Books Week

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