Ep. 31: Summer Reading Club (Part 2)

MoreThanBooksLogoWelcome to Episode 31 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes!

“More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 31: Summer Reading Club (Part 2)

Description:  Joel and Colin continue talking about books they’ve read recently and what they might recommend others pick up, as well as some forthcoming publications that they are looking forward to. Included are discussions about the craziness of comic books, what makes the best horror so good, experimental literature and art, and unusual playing cards! 

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Corrections: Artist Pia Guerra illustrated Y: The Last Man, not Fiona Staples; A Humument was originally published in 1970, not 1972; and Tom Phillips did not illustrate an edition of Paradise Lost, though he did illustrate an edition of Dante’s Inferno. Colin also failed to mention that The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic is a collaborative effort between Alan Moore and the late Steve Moore, whose passing in 2014 contributed to the book’s delayed release.

Music Attribution: 

  • Intro – Fade Away” from the Better Way by LM
  • Outro – Can’t Stop Me” from Feeding the Lions EP by ProleteR
  • Books Discussed:
    • Bird Box, by Josh Malerman (2014)
    • Unbury Carol, by Josh Malerman (2018)
    • The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (2006)
    • A Humument: Final Edition, by Tom Phillips (2016)
    • House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski (2000)
    • Lovecraft Country, by Matt Ruff (2016)
    • The Living Mountain, by Nan Shepherd (1977)
    • Y: The Last Man, by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra (2002-2008)
    • Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (2012-)
    • The Penguin Book of Card Games, by David Parlett
    • Border Town, by Eric M. Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos (2018, at the time of this podcast’s publication still forthcoming)
    • Goddess Mode, by Zoë Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez (forthcoming)
    • The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic, by Alan Moore and Steve Moore (forthcoming)
    • Pieter Bruegel: The Complete Works, by Jürgen Müller and Thomas Schauerte (forthcoming)

The views and opinions discussed within the “More Than Books” Podcast do not necessarily represent those of the Bellevue University Library or Bellevue University as a whole.

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