Much Ado About Nothing: Simplify Your Life Week

July is coming to a close and soon we’ll be in August! Can you believe August is already here? Life goes by so fast and gets so cluttered that it’s important to keep in mind ways to reduce stress or clutter in your life. The first week of August is “National Simplify Your Life Week”. This yearly observation is given in order to help bring attention to reducing clutter as well as other things in your life that may pile up over time.

Even reading about how to relax or reduce the clutter in your life can be daunting. There’s nothing harder than trying to figure out where to start in order to reduce clutter or stress. Which, of course, we have some tips to help you make your way through the mess of figuring out fewer stressful days.

  • Spend time outdoors – Even if it’s taking a walk break during lunch or sitting or walking outside while reading homework for a few minutes can help.
  • Take 15 minute breaks between studying – Don’t study for hours at a time. It’s better for your memory if you get a full nights rest, and take breaks between studying.
  • Check expiration dates – Getting rid of expired bathroom or kitchen items can help your home feel cleaner. Some items being kept after their expiration dates that aren’t meals can lead to clutter that is both unsightly and harmful to your health.
  • Have a set place for things like your purse, mail, etc. – This can reduce the clutter of items if they’re not spread over multiple locations. You’re also able to find the proper items in a pinch.
  • Set a simple routine – A simple routine, even if it’s just brushing your teeth in the morning and then grabbing breakfast after you get dressed is beneficial. Humans are creatures of habit and having fewer things that are variables throughout the day is beneficial.
  • Get rid of any broken items – People keep things for many reasons, whether it’s sentimental or you just haven’t had the time to get rid of it. Your home will be instantly cleaner if all of the broken items have been thrown away.
  • Auto-pay bills if you’re able to – This habit can reduce the amount of mental tasks you have to keep track of. If you’re unable to put items on auto-pay, see what day you can schedule your bills on so they all line up. Fewer days to remember will help you continue to pay bills on time.
  • Create a menu or do meal prep – Prepping dishes for the week can help reduce the spending money on Fast Food and help you have meals ready for those days when the day has worn away the effort to cook.
  • Make your bed every morning – Keeping your house neat in even small ways like making your bed can reduce mental stress.
  •  Clean up your email/mail – This can mean you unsubscribe from stores sending mass emails, create a second account for just promotions, or you check it daily to remove clutter. You can even put them in separate folders, which can work for mailbox items as well. This can help in the long run trying to find important emails and mail such as bills.

There are many ways to simplify your life to reduce stress. These tips are just the beginning. Whether you decide the route of continuous goals or committing to a Minimalist lifestyle, these tips can help you in the long run.

Keep a look out for August 3rd when there will be another post on this lovely topic with further tips and tricks.

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