JoVE Science Education – Environmental Sciences

In the last two months this blog has discussed two exciting new databases: JoVE Science Education – Basic Biology and JoVE Science – Advanced Biology. Also available in this cutting edge set of science oriented databases is JoVE Science Education – Environmental Sciences.

JoVE Science Education – Environmental Sciences is a streaming video database that focuses on environmental science topics like microbiology and earth science.

The database is made up of three categories: Environmental Science, Environmental Microbiology, and Earth Science.

Environmental Science has a collection that provides an interdisciplinary approach to explore and evaluate environmental systems with topics ranging from soil and water contaminants, invasive species, alternative energy and forestry.

Environmental Microbiology has a collection that provides an introduction to microbial communities in the environment and their roles in ecosystems; and also explains common methods used to study environmental microbiology.

Earth Science has a collection that features topics ranging from geology to geochemistry; with a variety of demonstrations including physical and chemical properties of minerals and the analysis of rock formations.

If you want to know more about JoVE select the ABOUT JoVE tab at the top of the database. JoVE creates the ultimate solutions for advancing research and science education by making and publishing videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe.

By allowing scientists, educators, and students to see the intricate details of cutting-edge experiments rather than read them in text articles, JoVE increases STEM research, productivity and student learning, saving their institutions time and money.

Much like its sister databases, JoVE Science Education – Environmental Sciences is leading the way in streaming videos that put users in the lab and creates more vibrant learning experiences. If this topic pertains to your research projects, the time to check this database out is right now.

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