JoVE Science Education Database Review

Looking for more advanced videos in the sciences? The Bellevue University Library subscribes to JoVE Science Education, which provides various databases of science education video collections capturing scientists performing experiments in labs across the world. Many universities and hospitals use these videos to further their research in the science fields.

The Library subscribes to three specific JoVE Science Education film databases: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, and Environmental Sciences. The Basic Biology films are further divided into six collections: General Laboratory Techniques, Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biology I, Biology II, Lab Animal Research, and Lab Safety. The Advanced Biology films are divided into four collections: Neuroscience, Developmental Biology, Genetics, and Cell Biology. Lastly, the Environmental Science films  are categorized into three categories: Environmental Science, Environmental Microbiology, and Earth Science.

After selecting one of the databases, open your preferred collection. A list of films will appear with a small image of the film and a brief description next to it. Once you select a film, the video will begin playing on the left and the transcript of the chapters will appear on the right. Below the film is an overview of the film, citation, principles associated with the film, and procedures involved in the film which is complete with tables and figures. An option to download all of the information from the film into a PDF is also available, providing you with an article-like format that can be printed.

If you are in the science field, the JoVE Science Education film databases will be sure to amaze you with the wealth of research, instruction, and experiments available. Check them out now by visiting the Library’s Databases page and selecting one of the three databases specific to your needs.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 21 No. 2, Spring 2018.

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