Getting to Know… Allie O’Connor, Document Delivery Specialist

Hi Allie. Tell me about why you work in a library? I enjoy helping people locate literature they enjoy, and because I enjoy being in contact with books, movies, and audio books.

Did you spend a lot of time in libraries before you worked in them? Before I was paid to work in them, I spent most of my free time after second grade in our public library, browsing and regularly checking out biographies and authors who wrote books in a series, like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Helen Fuller Orton, and Helen Dore Boylston.

Who are some of your favorite authors now? My favorite authors are the wife and husband team of Brok and Bodie Thoene, who have written many faith-based series. A close second is Rosamunde Pilcher; the work of hers I enjoy the most is Coming Home.

What about poets? One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost.

Any favorite literary heroes or heroines? Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady) and Sybil Crawley Branson (Downton Abbey).

Did you always want to work in libraries? Before I began high school I wanted to be a nurse.

What’s something you wish that people who didn’t work in libraries knew about working in them? I wish that everyone who didn’t work in a library would be more willing to contact staff to see how we can make their research, and lives, more pleasant.

I know that you’re really passionate about genealogy–can you tell us more about that? I’d just like to share with others the contentment that comes from discovering more about one’s ancestors.

I imagine family research is what you spend most of your weekends on? That and visiting friends.

Ancestors aside, who are some of your favorite historical figures? The ones that most intrigue me are Queen Elizabeth I for her fearlessness, Abigail Adams for her true partnership with her husband, and Woodrow Wilson for his idealism.

Ok, we’ve still got a little time left–let’s do some rapid-fire questions. Where would you most like to live? Colorado.

Do you collect anything? I collect postcards, lighthouses, and small bells.

Do you find yourself overusing any expressions? One expression I overuse is “in most cases”.

What natural gift would you most like to possess? The ability to make others laugh.

Do you have a favorite artist? One of my favorites is Norman Rockwell.

Last couple–what kind of music do you like? Who are your favorite musicians? I like swing music and country ballads; five of my favorite musicians are Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, and Blake Shelton.

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