Keep America Beautiful

For more than six decades, the non-profit organization Keep America Beautiful has served as a steward of litter prevention. Founded in 1953 in Stamford, CT, Keep America Beautiful has more than 600 community affiliates and engages more than 5 million volunteers.  The mission of Keep America Beautiful is to inspire and educate people to improve and beautify their community environments. 

Each year, Keep America Beautiful organizes the Great American Cleanup which takes place in an estimated 20,000 communities nationwide.  This initiative is designed to improve local parks, streetscapes and public spaces through litter removal and elimination.  Last year, in 2017, nearly 186 million pounds of litter and debris were collected by volunteers throughout the country.

In addition to clean up efforts, Keep America Beautiful offers other education, recycling and beautification programs.  Through a wide array of workshops and special programs, community leaders are educating the public on the importance of recycling and repurposing everyday items.  Additionally, Keep America Beautiful assists in the planting of new trees and flower gardens as part of their community greening and beautification efforts.

For more information and interesting facts about recycling, the Bellevue University Library has the following items.  All items can be borrowed for 3 weeks.  Also, if you would like to learn more about Keep America Beautiful, please visit

The Recycling in America:  A Reference Handbook by Debra Strong TD794.5 K55 1992

Garbage and Recycling by Lauri Scherer TD792.G367 2009

Green House: Eco-friendly Disposal and Recycling at Home by Norman Crampton TD171.7.C73 2008

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