Library on the Go – Highlights of 2017

Library on the Go is an initiative that was begun in the summer of 2014, to see if transporting library material to Bellevue University employees who work in the Administrative Services Building and Educational Services Building would increase the Library’s circulation. One Friday each month except December, a team of three, four, or five library staff members selects two or three topics and gathers and transports library formats on those topics to the upper lobby of the ESB. This blog will summarize the eleven Library on the Go events of 2017.

Each month, one library staff member volunteers to lead the team. She/he picks the topics, confirms the date, collects the formats, forms the team, and submits work orders for the set up. Noted below are the dates that each Library on the Go was held, members of the team, what the topics were, how many items were checked out for each topic, and how many patrons checked out how many items in which formats.

January 13, 2017
Team: Mary, Jake, Barbara, Allie
Topics: Resolutions (9), China (2)
18 Patrons checked out 18 books, 4 audio books, 4 DVDs, 1 kindle

February 10, 2017
Team: Chrystal, Jessica, Barbara, Allie, Briauna
Topics: Black history (1), Love (4), Heart Health
13 Patrons checked out 12 books, 3 audio books, 3 DVDs

March 10, 2017
Team: Jessica, Mary, Allie
Topics: Mysteries (11), Movies (8)
17 Patrons checked out 20 books, 2 audio books, 5 DVDs

April 7, 2017
Team: Allie, Chrystal, Jake, Barbara
Topics: Nebraska 150 books (12), Start a Series (11)
17 Patrons checked out 24 books, 2 audio books, 5 DVDs, 1 kindle

May 12, 2017
Team: Mary, Jessica, Barbara, Allie
Topics: Celebrating Islam (3), National Teacher Day (4)
14 Patrons checked out 17 books, 1 audio book, 2 DVDs, 1 kindle

June 16, 2017
Team: Barbara, Jessica, Allie
Topics: Travel/Outdoors (9), Mysteries (13), National Audio Book Month (9)
23 Patrons checked out 23 books, 9 audio books, 8 DVDs

July 14, 2017
Team: Jessica, Barbara, Chrystal, Allie
Topics: Independence Day (4), Summer reads (8)
13 Patrons checked out 12 books, 1 audio book, 8 DVDs

August 11, 2017
Team: Allie, Joel, Pam
Topics: Nebraska authors (10), Classics (7)
12 Patrons checked out 16 books, 3 audio books, 2 DVDs

September 22, 2017
Team: Allie, Jessica, Diane, Megan
Topic: Banned Books (28)
18 Patrons checked out 24 books, 2 audio books, 6 DVDs, 1 kindle

October 13, 2017
Team: Jessica, Chrystal, Allie
Topics: Scare your pants off reads (15), Fall reads (4)
16 Patrons checked out 20 books, 2 audio books, 5 DVDs

November 10, 2017
Team: Allie, Diane, Joel
Topics: Nebraska 150 books (13), Diversity (9)
16 Patrons checked out 16 books, 5 audio books, 4 DVDs

For the 11 months, 177 patrons checked out items during Library on the Go, an average of 16 patrons per month. The three months when the most patrons participated were June with 23, and January and September with 18 each of those months. The three months with the least participants were August with 12, and February and July with 13 each.

The topics that were most popular were: Banned books (28), Thrillers/Suspense (15), Nebraska 150 books in April (12) and November (13), Mysteries in March (11) and June (13), Start a Series (11), and Nebraska authors (10).

The next Friday for Library on the Go is January 12, and our topics of the month are Start a Series and Mysteries/Suspense. Come see the team in the upper lobby of the ESB from 11:30 – 1:00. In addition to the designated topics, if you have a certain title or author that you prefer let Allie ( ), Chrystal ( ), or Eric ( know by Thursday afternoon at 4:00 what you want us to bring for you to pick up. The team hopes to see you there!

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