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Business information is always useful for business and business related students. The Bellevue University Library has a very strong collection of business based databases.  If you are looking for a lesser known but no less helpful database with a strong investment element, we suggest you check out the database, Value Line Investing Research.

Value Line Investment Research monitors approximately 3,500 companies across 100 industries, representing 95% of U.S. daily trading volume. Coverage includes 1,700 mostly large capitalization stocks, 1,800 small and mid-cap stocks, and three years of historical reports and data. Users have access to twenty-six customizable modules, a stock screener, advanced charting features, and alerts and watch lists.  It is a great database for searching topics relating to investing in U.S. stocks.

Value Line is broken down into seven initial tabs that include: Dashboard, Browse Research, Markets, Find Ideas, Investment Education, Subscribe, and Institutional. The preset tab is Browse Research and has several search functions.  Dashboard presents the day’s Marker situation featuring current stock market information for NASDAQ, S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial, and Russell 2000.  There is also a daily Featured Commentary.  Markets features Stock Market Today, Industry Reports, Stock Industry, and Related Featured Commentaries.  Find Ideas focuses solely on Recent Analyst Idea featuring Stock, Funds, and Options.  Investment Education presents Featured Education Articles with the categories Stocks, Funds, Convertibles, Options, and Economy.  A Glossary is also available.  Subscribe has Current Subscriptions that fall under the Equity Library.  Institutional tab takes the user to a seemingly new database/website trying to convince the user to try a 7 day free trial.

At the bottom page is more basic information functions that include Value Line, Institutional Services, Legal, Connections with us, and Contact.

If investment information and company information is something that you need to take a look for your next research paper, the only real question is: are you going to access Value Line Investment Research?

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  1. Jordan Fischer

    As a current student and future alumni….I personally find this database the most relevant business database available.

    Thank you –


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