October is Crime Prevention Month

Crime PreventionIn 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council designated October as Crime Prevention Month.  October has become the official month for recognizing and celebrating the practice of crime prevention, while promoting awareness of important issues such as victimization, volunteerism, and creating safer, more caring communities.

Preventing crime is always better than charging criminals after the fact.  But stopping crimes is a difficult and continuous process.  If you see a crime being committed or have reason to believe criminal activity is taking place, call the police.

Here are a few practical crime prevention tips that are good reminders for everyone.

  • Always carry a cell phone or other communication device with you when you are out by yourself;
  • If you go walking or running, always do so in well-populated areas and during daylight hours;
  • If you are ever approached by a person attempting to rob you, don’t put up a struggle.  Your life is far more important than a cell phone or other electronic gadget;
  • Never leave items in your vehicle in plain view.  Car thieves will often break into your vehicle for an item that has a mere dollar value.
  • Always lock your vehicle, even when parked in your own driveway or parking space;
  • Try not to carry large sums of cash on your person;
  • Park in well-lit, busy areas.  Avoid leaving your vehicle in unattended parking lots for long periods of time when possible.

Resources on crime nongovernmental organizations, federal agencies, and sites that are focused on reducing or preventing crime.

If you still need some information on crime prevention, the National Crime Prevention Council’s website has resources on several topics including the following:  bullying, cell phone safety, conflict resolution, cyberbullying, disaster preparedness, drug abuse, fraud and identity theft, gang violence prevention, halloween safety, hate crime, home and neighborhood safety, intellectual property theft, internet safety, mortgage fraud, safe firearms storage, senior safety, school safety, vacant property crime, violent crime and personal safety, and workplace safety.

Free webinars and podcasts:

Webinars:  Gangs, Financial Fraud Victims, Crime Analysis, Working with Probation and Parole, Gang and Gun Violence Prevention, Burglary Suppression and Target Hardening, Animal Cruelty, and Interpersonal Violence

Podcasts:  Reducing Crime, Safe Fire Arms Storage, Crime Prevention Legislation and Police Support, Campus Safety, Gangs in our Communities, and Human Traffiking





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