National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Both American Humane and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have dedicated the month of October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Adopt a Dog Month, respectively.  Though the names differ slightly, both organizations are committed to raising public awareness to the plight of shelter dogs and finding the forever homes all dogs deserve.  Shelters and rescue organizations around the United States are stepping up their efforts to promote their dogs during this very special month.

Adopting a shelter dog is fulfilling for human and pooch alike.  The experience of bringing home a shelter dog allows new owners to feel good about their decision because they know they are saving their new pet’s life.  The dog is finally able to live in comfort and satisfy its need to be a loyal human companion.

Here are a few top reasons to adopt a shelter pet by the American Humane Society:

  • You’ll save a life
  • You’ll get a great animal
  • It will cost you less
  • You will have bragging rights
  • It’s one way to fight puppy mills
  • Your home will thank you
  • All pets are good for your health, but adoptees offer an extra boost
  • The Shelter Pet Project (and other sites like Petfinder) makes it easy

You can certainly celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by adopting a shelter dog.  However, don’t worry if you are unable to do so right now.  Here are a few other ways to celebrate this month by Petfinder, ASPCA, and American Humane:

  • Donate your Facebook status, Tweet, or blog to raise awareness about the event
  • Write an op-ed about the event to your local newspaper
  • Donate either money or supplies to your local shelter in honor of the event
  • Sign up to be a shelter volunteer or foster parent at your local shelter
  • Fundraise for the month on campaigns like ASPCA’s 31 Days of Rescue Dogs
  • Spay/Neuter your dog to prevent overcrowding in shelters
  • ID your dog to prevent your dog from being ‘homeless’

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