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Biography Ref CenterNeeding to find more information on specific historical figures? Then try checking out EBSCO’s Biography Reference Center, a research database that provides over 400,000 full-text biographies and profiles.

The database can be searched several different ways to find a subject, by entering a name, occupation, country, or nationality into the basic Search bar at the top of the main page, to clicking the “Browse All Biographies” link to look through the list of names (next to their occupations), the database has records for which are listed in alphabetical order. You can also try looking for a biography by searching through their list of “Genres” on the right-hand side of the page, such as, Activists, Artists, World Leaders, Inventors, Musicians, Politicians, Royalty, Scientists, etc. You also have the option of simply scrolling through the picture links listed on the main page, which include figures such as Machiavelli, Amelia Earhart, Beyoncé, and Theodore Roosevelt, or by just checking out the Featured Biography at the bottom of the page.

Once a suitable subject has been chosen, you are brought to their biography page with a “Related Information” section that includes a picture of the person, their birth and death dates, nationality, aliases, occupations, and a list of achievements. Below that  section is the list of Detailed Biographies that list sources for more in-depth information from full-text sources such as Biography, American National Biography, Biography Today, and Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography. Since many classes require students to find reliable sources of information on famous figures throughout history, this database could be an invaluable resource for learning more about those who came before – or even just a fun tool to quickly find accurate information about someone ‘famous’ you might hear about in passing that you are curious to know more about. Check it out for yourself and give it a try by accessing the Biography Reference Center via the “Databases” link under “Find” on the Bellevue University Library’s homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 20 No. 3, Summer 2017.

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