July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Cell Phone Courtesy MonthJacqueline Whitmore, author of “Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work” is the official founder of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.  The purpose of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month is to encourage cell phone users to be more to be more mindful of passersby while using their electronic devices.

Whether you are interested in polishing your cell phone etiquette or are ready to give your cell phone a rest, here are a few tips to improve your cell phone savvy:

1. Speak in your regular conversational tone. Speaking loudly or showing emotion may distract those around you.

    2. Use the vibrate function or turn off your phone in movie theaters, restaurants, and church services.
    3. If you are expecting an important call, alert your companions ahead of time and excuse yourself when the call comes in. The people you are with should take precedence over the call you want to make or receive.
    4. When you are in your car, only talk on your cell phone when your vehicle is not moving. Or use a hands-free device in order to help focus your attention on the road.
      5. Let your voicemail take your calls when you are in meetings, restaurants or other busy areas. If the call is urgent, use text or e-mail to respond.

Some more information about cell phone courtesy is available by reading the articles below.

Me and My Cell Phone:  And Other Essays on Technology in Everyday Life by Crystal Powell.

Mobile manners: How Americans are navigating cell phone etiquette by Jessica Mendoza

7 Cell Phone Offenses You’ll Want to Avoid Customers First, Vol. 17(8), p. 4.

Ten Tips for Cell Phone Etiquette (2016) by Steve Tarter.

Cellular Phone Use and Texting While Driving Laws (3/10/2016) National Conference of State Legislatures

We would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences on cell phone courtesy.  Can you describe a time when you were out in public and you were pleasantly pleased or disturbed by a passersby’s cell phone etiquette?

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