Celebrate with Nebraska 150 Books!

Nebraska 150 booksOne way to celebrate the Nebraska Sesquicentennial during this banner year of 2017 is to add some titles from the Nebraska 150 Books initiative to your summer reading program. In 2015 a book selection committee of teachers and librarians devised a list of literature that spans the time that Nebraska has been a state and is aimed to encourage readers to learn more about our state. The committee came up with 6 criteria to winnow the possible 14,000 titles by 4,000 authors to a more manageable 150 books.

Three of these criteria determined which authors would be considered:

  • Those born or raised in Nebraska.
  • An author educated in Nebraska.
  • An author who spent most of her/his writing career (a minimum of 10 years) in Nebraska.

As far as the works themselves are concerned:

  • The plot is either about Nebraska or set in the state.
  • The title is still available in most libraries or book stores.
  • The list would be composed of a variety of works that have appealed to Nebraskans over time.

All 150 books selected meet one of these 6 criteria; the 42 books on the short list meet both one author and one title criteria.

The list is divided into four different genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and young adult and picture books. Fortunately for members of the Bellevue University community, our Library owns at least 90 of the 150 titles. This link will take you to the ones our library owns:


Links below lead to all books on the list:



Nebraska 150 books 2




During the month of June, the Nebraska 150 Books initiative is the focus of our display case. Those of you who live in the Omaha Metro area are welcome to view the display case and check out any circulating books that the Library owns. Our staff has a limited number of bookmarks made available by Humanities Nebraska which patrons can request. Each bookmark has the 42 titles of the short list printed on one side. Registered students and alumni who live further away can request to have specific titles sent to your home or business address by using this link: http://library.bellevue.edu/services/document-delivery/.

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