National Military Appreciation Month

Military HumorIts May- spring has sprung and celebrations abound with Flowers, Mothers, and Graduates. There is another set of individuals for whom we should give our thanks and celebrate – our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. THAT’S RIGHT, AMERICA! IT’S NATIONAL MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH! So, please, thank a service-person for their dedication with something extra special. Here in the library, we celebrate with books! Click more to read on!


reporting for duty

We have a lot of materials about how to help students learn how to assist those with PTSD and other physical/psychological maladies from the horrors of war; however, we really only have one book that showcases some extraordinary stories about how important a service dog can be to a veteran. The book is titled Reporting for Duty: True Stories of Wounded Veterans and Their Service Dogs, and is a real gem within our library.

The introduction to the title try to offer some reason why we have a large number of veterans who require physical and psychological assistance when they come home – because we have significantly more veterans than previous wars. Due to the improvements in equipment, tactics, and technology, our soldiers are simply not dying nearly as much as in, for example, World War II.

Due to this increase in population that need significant treatment for injuries sustained, a service dog has become a wonderful tool in trying to heal these wounded warriors.

The book is full of color photography and detailed accounts how these faithful pooches have helped change the lives of their masters in significant ways.

If you are looking for something inspirational and enjoy a good cry, this might be something to put on your reading list.

You can find it here.

Do you have a recommendation for another book that honors our service-people in the military? Let us know in the comments below!

The above image was used under a creative commons license attribution required from Insomnia Cured Here.

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