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Gale business InsightsOne of Bellevue University’s greatest strengths is the amount of business related degrees we offer our students.  One of the most frequent questions that we get from students in these degree programs is where can I find company and financial information.  An excellent database our students can use to acquire that information is Gale Business Insights: Global.


Gale Business Insights: Global is one of the most effective tools to access company information. Searching for a specific company can provide users with such material as Case Studies, Company Chronology, Company Histories, Financials, and Investment Reports. In addition, information on the company from academic journals, trade journals, and magazines can be posted.  Market Share Reports, News, and SWOT reports are also available. Sales, Employees, and Location can be found in the introductory material, and a short description of the company is also provided.

Once a particular company has been selected by the user, new features are unlocked, including a full business description, company type, CIK, Auditor, Contact Information, Officers, Variant Name(s), and Historical Revenue in sales.  A list of similar companies with equally, similar revenue is also presented along with specific industries the company is engaged in, such as, Department Stores and Family Clothing Stores as an example.

Another useful tool is the Financial Reports that are made available via Thompson Reuters.  These reports provide interactive balance sheets and cash flow statement, as well as, marketing conditions for 2,135 publically traded U.S. companies.

Many students are tasked with finding SWOT reports as part of their assignments.  Gale Business Insights: Global has access to over 1,000 SWOT Reports which have been updated as recently as January 11, 2017. SWOT report updates are provided by Global Markets Direct SWOT Reports.  Gale Business Insights: Global can be found along with the library’s other databases by accessing the “Databases” link under “Find” on the library homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 20 No. 2, Spring 2017.

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