Audubon Journal Review

Audubon 2017


If you like watching nature, even if it’s simply watching pigeons outside your window, you will enjoy Audubon Magazine. Published by the National Audubon six times a year, Audubon’s primary focus is to protect birds and their habitats.



Elf Owl

Each issue of Audubon Magazine provides insights into various bird species, such as the Elf Owl which lives in West Texas. It is the smallest species of owl in the world, standing less than six inchRed Knot Birdes tall and weighing less than an ounce and a half.  There’s also the Red Knot bird which endures an annual trip from one end of the Earth to the other (and back again).

Other articles focus on birding, quirky bird mating rituals, and bird conservation efforts designed to help birds particularly vulnerable to climate change.  Each issue showcases breathtaking photos of various bird species and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Bellevue University Library owns the Audubon Magazine from 2003-present in EBSCO’s open access journals.

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