The 2nd Shift Librarian

2nd Shift LibrarianFor many of us in the work force today to get full employment we have to have to work a shift that is not the traditional standby of 8-5 that dominates the work cycle. Some of us have to work a job that begins in the early afternoon and ends before midnight. For librarians we call those professionals 2nd Shift Librarians.

Working the second shift can take time to get used to. Many professionals have families and need to be able to find a way to balance their family time and their work schedule.  Professionals with school age children may find that working the 2nd Shift allows them to take their kids to school, but it may also have negative impact on their circadian rhythm.  In the library profession most 2nd Shifters only work Monday through Friday, especially if they have a Masters in Library Science. Also a 40 hour a week schedule gives library professionals 2 days off a week to be with their family.

It has been noted that often librarians would work the evenings are very sedentary as the amount of questions asked of them by patrons is less than those asked of the day shift counterparts. This could create a barrier to good health and it is recommended that evening librarians should just get up from their desks and walk around, or better yet, talk with patrons who frequent the library during the evening hours to build better relations with them.  These actions can lead to a more cohesive friendly environment.

Reference LibrarianDue to the lack of interaction with patrons, many evening librarians experience boredom and end up on the internet going to news and social media websites. A good way to combat that issue is to conduct a little research on your career.  For those of us who are reference librarians, the online version of the journal “The Reference Librarian” is a great place to start.

For those of you who are struggling balancing life and work do keep something in mind: The better you perform at your profession and the more indispensable you will become and the more opportunities will present themselves at your current place of employment. Perhaps an 8-5 job may be around the corner, or at the very least you will be in position to apply for 8-5 jobs based on the good work you are doing now.

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