Noodle ToolsAre you having issues understanding the rules of APA documentation style? Does completing your References page for every research paper seem like more work than doing the actual research and writing?  If that is the case, the Bellevue University Library has the answer, the citation manager NoodleTools.

NoodleTools helps you organize your citations by creating a fill in the blank style worksheet where you enter information about the material you are citing.  The categories are different based on what type of material you are citing.  If you are citing an article from a journal, the categories include: Author, Article Title, Journal Title, Date, Volume, Issue, and Page Numbers.

When starting NoodleTools for the first time, users will need to select “New project”. Next, you will need to name the project, select a documentation style, and a level.   Conceivably, the project title would be the title of your research paper, the documentation style will be APA because Bellevue University only uses APA, and you should select the Advanced level to make sure all of your sources are can be documented.

After creating your project select “Sources” at the top of the page.  To add a new citation to your project select “Create new citation.”  Next you will be asked “Where is it?’ followed by the following options: Database, Website, Print or in-hand, Viewed/heard live, File, app, e-book, and Other.  For those working with online articles the choice will be Database.  Next you must chose a material type, for online articles Journal is the option to select.  Fill out the categories required and then select “Submit.”  You will return to the project homepage where your new citation will now be display in proper APA format.

What many of our students love about NoodleTools is that it creates your References page in APA format for you. This is done by selecting the “Print/Export” pull down tab and then select “Print/Export to Word,”  A download will appear and your Reference page is ready to be added to your research paper.

If you are new to NoodleTools and would like to create an account, you should know that it is one hundred percent free for all Bellevue University students.  However, you can only create an account by accessing NoodleTools on the Online Library Website by using the pull down “Services” and selecting “Manage Your Citations NoodleTools.”  Library codes essential for account creation are only available on the Online Library.  Once your account is set up, you access NoodlesTools anywhere, including Google.

Is there is a big research paper on your horizon, and you need help managing your citations?  It looks like you just found your answer, NoodleTools.

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