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Collection MappingAt the Freeman Lozier Library, we always strive to bring you the absolute best materials for your area of study.  In an attempt to locate new and engaging materials for your research, the Technical Services Department has been slowly developing a new method to streamline how your professors make selections for their respective departments.

We began this journey by taking a long, hard look at the courses that we currently offer and try to find correlations with the subjects of those courses with the subject headings we use to organize the materials within the library. We call this process “collection mapping,” in which we assign subject headings, and subsequently call numbers, to each course at the university.

The purpose for this is two-fold: it allows us to better understand what sorts of topics are being taught here at Bellevue University and it allows us to look at our collection with a more critical eye and add items to subject areas that may be lacking. One additional bonus of this activity is that it gave us the structural backbone to combine a new system of item suggestion to our current faculty through the use of a vendor website called “GOBI.”  GOBI is the software used by the book vendor Yankee Book Peddler, or YBP, and is owned by the parent company Ebsco. That name may sound familiar as we subscribe to a wide number of Ebsco databases in order to bring you the best publications and eBooks possible for your studies.

GOBI has an amazing software feature called “GOBI Alerts.” That feature allows us to create a scheduled, highly customized search report that is subsequently sent to a professor’s email account for review. For example, we have created a specialized psychology GOBI Alert that will search YBP for any new materials that have been published within the last month, GOBI alerts will then organize those items into a list, and that list will then be sent directly to the psychology department’s chair. He may then make selections from that custom list directly within GOBI, which is all saved to the library’s account with YBP. Barring any duplication from that list of selections, we then purchase those materials from YBP and notify the professor by updating a link on our eCatalog webpage titled “Faculty Selections.” Very soon we will be sending out a training module that will help assist our faculty members on how to use the GOBI Alerts lists effectively and notify us of any peculiarities. If you would like to know more about this process, you can always feel free to contact Jacob Lee, the Technical Services Assistant here at Bellevue University, with his email

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 20 No. 2, Spring 2017.

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