National Color Therapy Month

Color Therapy Month

When people think of March, they think of St. Patrick’s Day and Spring.  We also think of color because we have just made it through the winter months and spring is on its way.  That is why in 2011, Eleyne-Mari founded March as National Color Therapy Month during the month of March.  Her motto is, “Change your Colors…and you change your World!” 

Eleyne-Mari’s personal mission is to help people find their light and joy through color.  In 2003, she launched the Aura House School of Color and Light and then Color Healing Radio in 2009.  You can also find a short article called, “31 Ways to Celebrate National Color Therapy Month,” on her website. She also has a list of color meanings.

While all of this sounds great, what exactly is color therapy?  She defines it as “a powerful, complementary therapy that has been used since ancient times, whether it was for physical, emotional, or mental healing purposes.”  Today, color therapy may be as simple as wearing a particular color because you want to feel better about yourself.  I know I’ve worn my favorite colors to try and boost my mood.  I also enjoy using color post-its and color pens.  My day would be so boring without color!

If you are more interested in color therapy, and color in general check these out…

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Color and Design NK1548 .C64 2012
Color Bytes: Blending the Art and Science of Color QC495 .B5975 1997

If you could re-color one thing in your life, what would it be and what color would you make it?


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