Reworking Library Subjects

resources by academic subject areaLibrary staff have recently launched a new version of the Resources by Academic Subject Area page. This page is the result of months of behind-the-scenes work, not just in building the page itself, but in completely re-evaluating the Library’s subject list and matching it to programs and coursework currently being offered by the University. Subjects are now broken down into the same ‘Degrees by Interest’ categories that are present on the University’s home page, so that students doing research within a particular program should be able to easily find the subjects most applicable to their degrees.

Navigating this page is easy–clicking the name of one of the Degrees by Interest groups¬†will display the subjects associated with that grouping, which you can then select from, or choose to ‘View All’ if you wish to see every database we’ve associated with that grouping. We are still working on tweaking this page to make it as useful as possible–something we are looking into specifically is ranking databases so that those that are most useful to a particular subject appear towards the top of the list. We are also currently in the process of assigning these new subjects to our existing LibGuides, after which we are planning on re-doing our Reference Websites resource, based around the same new subjects.

We would definitely appreciate your feedback on these pages and on the subjects themselves! Feel free to leave a comment here or to contact us directly.

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