Winter Reads to Banish the Blues… Or At Least Distract You From Them…

winter-readingWinter can get dreary and since the cold has finally set in, I present to you a list of reads good for the wintertime blues.




  • Cover image for Winter  Winter by Marissa Meyer Winter is a twist on the classic cannon of Snow White. Sci-fi meets steampunk as Princess Winter embarks on her adventure with cyborgs, aliens and a stepmother.
  • Cover image for The shining The Shining by Stephen King  This paranormal thriller and classic occurs in the winter. Chilly winter weather plays a horrific role in this novel. While not exactly the most likely book to pull you out of a funk, it is a well-crafted King novel that will lead to asking some of life’s biggest questions.
  • Cover image for Winter street : a novel Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand   If sci-fi and fantasy aren’t quite your thing, here’s a novel about grown siblings returning home for Christmas. They struggle with how they relate to each other and the many adult responsibilities they now have while their father deals with a second failing marriage. This book is a great reminder to value the things and people we have in our lives.
  • Cover image for A train in winter : an extraordinary story of women, friendship, and resistance in occupied France A Train in Winter: An extraordinary story of women, friendship, and resistance in occupied France by Caroline Moorehead The book follows the 230 women who were members of the French Resistance in 1943. They were apprehended by the Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz. It’s a story that shows “…courage, defiance, survival, and the power of friendship to transcend evil that is an essential addition to the history of World War II”
  • Cover image for The Boleyn reckoning : a novel The Boleyn Reckoning : a novel by Laura Andersen    Though this book is the 3rd in a series, it fits too well with this theme to be ignored. The Boleyn King series surrounds the king that never was, Henry IX, son of the infamous Henry VIII. His family and his country have barely survived a grueling winter and now Henry must focus on the threats within his own court.

What winter read banishes your blues? Share in the comments below!

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